Inception and operations

We’ve been in operation for 13 years. An indication of our commitment to what we do shows in our great staff retention:

  • Lindsey Page, our dynamic Office Manager, has been with AquAid for 10 years
  • Joe Farnell, Account Manager extraordinaire, with AquAid for 7 years
  • Pete Dinger, Clive Homer and Paul Unitt have been with us for 5 years

We have a total staff contingent of 13 people who are dedicated to offering our very extensive customer base, 780 Bottle fed water coolers and 1538 Mains fed water coolers, with unrivaled service and attention.

Monies raised

In 2012 AquAid Birmingham raised £43 000 for our hand-picked charities that provide, amongst other sustainable projects, clean drinking water to communities in Third World countries. That translates to enough funds for 4 300 children to have drinking water for life.


The EDWCA, European Drinking Water Cooler Association (previously known as the European Point-Of Use Drinking Water Association EPDWA), is an association that was formed to “promote, develop and maintain the highest standards of hygiene, safety and ethics within the European Point-Of-Use Drinking Water industry to the benefit of customers.”

We are delighted to announce that last year we scored 100% in our EDWCA audits. This means that not only do we adhere to the stringent EDWCA requirements and take pride in our work, but that our valued customers benefit from us meeting and surpassing these standards too.