With the current water supply situation in the UK getting more serious each day, it is time to consider installing a water cooler into your office or learning facility. We also need to look at how we use our water sparingly, as it is a resource that has a limit.

As the drought in certain areas of the UK start to increase, some areas might even be placed under water restrictions to ensure sufficient water for everyone. But what can we do to aid in protecting water, and ensuring that the restrictions do not become too strict?

The best place to start is in your home or office. Ensure that no taps are leaking or dripping for the entire day. If they are, get a technician in to fix the problem. Thousands of litres of drinkable water is lost every minute to drops and leaks everywhere. Another simple and practical water saving tip is to not let the water run while you are brushing your teeth in the morning. Often we do this, not thinking that all that water is literally going down the drain. Wet your toothbrush and switch the water off. When you need to rinse, then go ahead and do so. The same goes for the kitchen. Rather fill the basin with water and was your pots and pans that way, then rinse them clean in another basin of water when you are done. Do not wash with hot running water. It will save water and electricity fee each month, and it will aid the environment dramatically.

Imagine if just a thousand people could save 100L of water each day. That is 100’000 litres of water each day and 365’000000 litres of water each year.

The drought in certain parts of England might have an effect on mains fed water availability, but having a water cooler installed will ensure that you will always have clean, fresh and filtered water at your disposal. With companies’ like AquAid who get their water from a natural spring, they are not reliant on rainfall to ensure sufficient water and you will be able to rest assured that when you need water, they will always be ready and waiting to assist you.