Have you ever stopped to consider what your child is drinking when you are not around? Bear in mind that the majority of a child’s day is spent at school in the care of others. Another fact to consider is that dehydration is serious for all of us, but no more so than to our children. When a child is dehydrated they have already lost 20% of their ability to perform both physically and mentally.

We at AquAid recognized the importance of drinking water at school and for these reasons have to date become one of the leading water cooler and drinking water suppliers to schools around the UK.

An experiment in ‘brain hydration’ carried out at an Edinburgh primary school showed that the introduction of water bottles on pupils’ desks led to a significant improvement in national test results over a 2 year period. Despite these important facts, two-thirds of children are still not getting enough drinking water, and a 5th of children drink no water at all, according to research conducted by the Department of Health and Food Standards Agency.­

It is vital that from a young age a child is encourage to incorporate water into their drinking patterns and to prevent themselves from becoming thirsty and hence dehydrated. We not only encourage schools to invest in water coolers for the children, but we supply mini reusable bottles that a child can fill with water and leave on their desk, therefore encouraging them to sip water continually during the day. A direct result of this will be seen in the child’s academic performance and higher levels of concentration.