We all enjoy a cool refreshing glass of water on a warm day, and there is no better source for cool, clean and fresh water than from a top quality water cooler, like the water coolers that AquAid supply and install. But have you stopped and thought for a second as to the amount of people who might not have water available at the push of a button?

Thankfully for all of us, companies like AquAid have. They are aware of the needs and demands of thousands of under privileged people in under developed and third world nations across the globe. To ensure that they are able to assist those people with clean, fresh and safe water, AquAid is donating a large portion of their profits to assist charities in supplying those needy individuals with safe drinking water. For every water cooler that is installed, or bottle of water that is replaced in a home, office or school, AquAid donates a percentage of their profit to either Christian Aid or The Africa Trust. In the last few years, they have donated over £6million to assist close to 2 million struggling people to have access to clean and safe water.

In Africa alone more people die each year from contaminated water than from any of the civil wars raging across the continent. The biggest killer is cholera and diarrhoea. These are often found in the contaminated water sources that people are forced to drink from. In many instances, communities have to share their water with their livestock, leading to more contaminated water and higher risks of sickness and death. The biggest cause of death is from dehydration caused by these diseases, and with insufficient safe drinking water to aid the sick individuals, and the biggest majority is young children, they are left to struggle for their lives.

Luckily for these individuals, AquAid is providing safe water sources that has safe the lives of countless children and families. So next time you have a sip of your water, ask yourself if your water supplier is doing something to help others. By simply drinking the water that AquAid supplies, you are saving lives.