All things water, that’s me that is (with thanks to Alas Smith and Jones).

Remember water slides? I most certainly do. Best things ever!

The most accessible or closest thing to a water slide we had growing up were what we called foefie slides.

A foefie slide, what you would call a zip slide, is usually a rope, fixed at an incline, along which a person suspended on a pulley may traverse a space, especially across a river.

The difference with our foefie slides is that we would ensure that the rope dipped low enough for us to end up in the river – bit daredevil like as should you not let go at the right moment, you’d end up pancaked in the bank opposite – not a pretty sight. The key element was the water though. Love slides, but slides where you end up in the water were tops.

There are some rather amazing slides across the globe, here are a few that I like in particular, like this one at an Italian resort, where guests can slide right into the Mediterranean Sea or; how about this one, on a cruise ship. Haven’t been on any of these as yet, but they are most certainly on my water slide to do list!

The last of these, at Disney’s Blizzard Beach, is pretty spectacular, ski themed slide with a 120-foot slope. One day, when I’m big!

Which is your favourite?

Oh and in the meantime, while you’re dreaming away about visiting one of these locations, remember to drop us a line at AquAid for all your water cooler requirements. What’s that? No, probably not a good idea to purchase a water cooler to use the water as a test run on your home made slide. Nice thought though!