Most business owners are looking to increase their staff’s productivity, and companies will spend endless funding to ensure their staff’ will perform at their best.

The reality is that by ensuring their staff members are correctly hydrated, they could increase productivity in their business dramatically.

Tests have shown that even mildly dehydrated office workers have a decrease in physical and mental performance of up to 20%. That is a massive amount of additional business and revenue for a business by simply ensuring their staff drink sufficient water each day.

It is very easy for any company to keep their staff members correctly hydrated. With the wide range of water dispensers and water filters on offer, the perfect water solution is only a phone call away. Water dispensers are designed to suite all office types, large or smaller offices and they offer fresh, convenient, clean and performance enhancing water to everyone.

Companies can encourage their staff to have a glass of water each time they walk past a water cooler. This small addition to the office can have serious benefits to staff performance and their general health. Correctly hydrated staff members will have less health issues, leading to less time spent sick at home and increased profits for the business. Drinking sufficient water aids in weight loss as most people confuse the signs of thirst with the signs of hunger.

The financial benefits of correctly hydrated office members are dramatic. Imagine less sick days from staff members, better productivity, better physical health and increased profits for every company.

Tests have shown that drinking sufficient water each day can reduce certain cancers by between 40 -75%. The costs of assisting a staff member through cancer is not just a dramatic experience, it is also extremely expensive. Companies could dramatically reduce health risks like that by simply aiding their staff members to stay correctly hydrated.