The London Olympics are now just a few days away and the anticipation is starting to show in the entire nation. The United Kingdom Olympic team has a very good change of walking away with one of the top spots for overall medal counts. However, have you ever thought of the logistics around an event of this magnitude, even for something as simple as just supplying water?

With over 14,000 athletes, referees, officials and coaches attending the event, the requirements, and needs of those individuals are extreme. If the athletes drink only three litres of water a day, which is normal for high performance individuals, then the water requirements for them will be 42,000 litres of water per day, or 714,000 over the seventeen days that the Olympics will be held. If they only used water bottles to quench their thirst, it would take almost a million bottles of 750ml bottles to keep them correctly hydrated. An even scarier thought is that the three major pools at the London Olympics will hold approximately 10 million litres of water. Fortunately, for the spectators and visitors that will be flocking to London for this amazing sporting event, companies like AquAid have taken the correct steps to ensure that all their customers will have sufficient water for the duration of this summer’s main sporting event.

They have a wide range of mains fed water cooler rental solutions on offer to their new and existing clients that will ensure that all their water needs are catered for. The mains fed water coolers filter and clean the mains water that every house delivers. This simple system ensures that there is no need to worry about water supply during the summer. This service will be vital for guesthouses, hotels, hostels and other accommodation venues across the UK.

According to the organisers, over 250, 000 rooms have been made available in the immediate vicinity of the main stadium alone.  If you are one of those new accommodation sites, ensure  you have clean, safe and cool water ready !