While the weather seems determined to keep our pursuits indoors for the foreseeable future, it may be time to refresh suitable topics of conversation to chat about while you’re on a break out at your water cooler station with your colleagues.

Tech: comparing notes about the latest upgrade of your mobile – the eternal question, iPhone or Android – acceptable. A 20-minute stand-off insisting that your brand of tech is better than that of your colleague’s – less acceptable. Plus, raising your blood pressure when you’re supposed to be upping your hydration levels is counter-intuitive.

Architecture: Always a good option. Irrespective of the periods: from the majesty of St. Pauls or the stalwart croft dwellings of the Outer Hebrides, architecture is always a good reminder of how nation building is achieved.

Health & Fitness: Can be tricky, especially if a person is prone to boasting about their weight-lifting prowess or how their bodies were made for Aerial Fabrics however, it can also introduce a more sedentary colleague to a new form of exercise that they may not previously have considered.

International sporting events: Only if you are all rooting for Team GB or any competitor representing the UK.

Media: Again, potentially iffy. Whereas you and a few stalwarts may find it fascinating to give minute by minute examples of why the last season of Game of Thrones was so awful, this may not appeal to everyone and there will be (unbelievably) many who have no idea about the series …’Winter is what?’ Try keeping it more inclusionary – ‘Garden Rescue’ or ‘The Great British Bake Off’ are usually safe bets.

Now that you’ve hit topic refresh on your refresh your drinking water intake time, why not make a beeline to your office water cooler and try out a new topic of discussion about any of the above? At worst you will be upping your hydration levels and at best increasing your knowledge and exercising your brain in a most pleasant and engaging manner.