‘You must wait for an hour after eating to go for a swim.  If you do not, you could get a stomach cramp and drown.’

Does anyone else remember that old chestnut? Absolute torture for us otters who literally lived in the water from sunup to sundown in the summer months.

Despite this dire warning, it seems that an instance of drowning caused by swimming on a full stomach has never been documented.

Close the door behind you, were you born in a stable?!

Weirdly enough, where I grew up, we did have a stable and even weirder, the door couldn’t close. Take that, parent!

Even more peculiar is that most of the stables I’ve seen – all have split doors and they’re mostly closed to keep the gee gees in.

If you swallow an apple seed, an apple tree will grow in your stomach and you will die.

Almost positive there have been zero reported cases of a tree growing inside of a human.

If you squint your eyes like that, they’ll stay that way.

Ya, well, sucks boo to you matey, I did it plenty and my eyes are just fine, thank you!

Eat your carrots; they’ll make you see in the dark.

In retrospect, I’m not quite sure why I never puzzled this obvious silly out, as we had rabbits at one stage and I don’t ever remember them being particularly ninja-ish and nocturnal, by any stretch of the imagination!

If you go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold.

Outside doesn’t give us colds. People give us colds. But, hey.