Not a day passes without us being  told to drink enough water. But what are some of the reasons we are told this every day? How important is water to our daily lives? The simple answer is that without water our bodies will not survive a few days.

Water is the biggest component in our bodies, making up almost 80% of all the tissues and cells. There are many advantages of drinking sufficient water very day, and with the summer just about to start warming the days, it is important to ensure that you drink more water on these warmer days. Drinking enough water will help to increase your metabolism and your digestion. These two advantages lead to a third and that is weight loss. Our bodies need water during digestion to flush out all the unwanted by-products and toxins that can increase your risk of weight gain.

Water is also the biggest regulator of body heat and keeping hydrated will insure that you feel more comfortable and energetic. One of the biggest benefits of drinking enough water is that it will make you look and feel younger for longer in your life. The reason for this is that your skin loses flexibility and elasticity that your younger skin had due to age, exposure to the sun and dehydration. Drinking enough water aids in reducing all those ageing signs. It will increase the water levels in your skin and allow it to rejuvenate itself. Sufficient water intake will ensure you feel younger by keeping your joints and muscles protected and allowing you better ease of movement.

There are many ways to ensure that you are always correctly hydrated, but the best is to install a water cooler in your home, office, factory or place of learning. This will ensure that water is always close at hand and easily available when you need it. Drink a glass of water each time you walk near the water cooler and you will be surprised at the advantages you will start to feel almost immediately.