As we pile on the layers, wrap up warmly, turn up the heat and miss the usual thirst signals, it’s understandable that we may believe that we need to drink less water than we would when it’s warmer.

The exact opposite is true though.

Expelling water vapour means you’re dehydrating. Although we aren’t sweating as much, our bodies lose moisture in other ways – a clear indication is the water vapour we puff out from our nose and mouth when we’re outside in the cold.

Exercise as much as you do when it’s warmer. If you’re experiencing mid-afternoon slump or need a serious shot of caffeine post lunch to stave off feeling fatigue, you are most likely already dehydrated. We function more slowly when dehydrated, to avoid this, maintain regular hydration habits: at the very least ensuring that you’re drinking water throughout the day. As when it’s warmer, treat the water cooler at your premises as your new best friend, visit often and replenish your water. By keeping moving and active, you’re helping your body function better.

Keeping winter hydrated helps your body’s immune system. Another factor of dehydration is the weakening of our immune system barriers: the mucous membranes in our lungs and sinus passages can dry out, thereby reducing their resistance to infections. By keeping ourselves properly hydrated, we can better ensure that the barriers used to protect our bodies from colds and flu remains intact and functioning properly.

Stave off winter weight gain. The temptation to hibernate is (understandably) strong during dark days and cold nights. Sadly, we’re not bears and we don’t get to sleep through winter living off the fat we’ve accumulated through the summer months. Ignore the instinct to reach for the comfort food – at the very least, drink a glass of water before your next meal.  Our brain often mistakes thirst for hunger, which means that after drinking water, not only will that hunger trigger be satisfied, but you will also be a little better hydrated.

When the temperatures plummet, it is not as difficult to maintain hydration levels as one would think – in fact, with AquAid, your options to up your water intake increase quite a bit. We offer a range of high quality hot and cold water coolers; hot water dispensers; hot water boilers and Instant Taps: tailor-made to suit all your hydration requirements – whatever the weather.