Today, 01 July, is International Joke Day. From what I’ve seen online this seems to have produced the lamest jokes instead of those that produce that involuntary snort where you spray your first glass of water or morning cuppa all over your desk.

Perhaps a Monday is not the right day to spring such an event on the unsuspecting though – early Mondays are usually the reserve of tired brains and bodies.  There is a solution though – one that will elevate you from ‘chicken crossing the road’ unfunnies to the lofty cerebral wit similar to those of your favourite comedian. All it takes is an increase in water intake, which means more visits to the water cooler.

  • For the brain cells to function properly there needs to be a balance between water and various compounds.
  • When we fail to drink enough water, this balance is disrupted and there is a decline in cognitive performance.

Also dehydration can cause neural pathways to shut down. As a result, the section of the brain responsible for planning and problem-solving starts struggling.

  • There has also been research which shows that staying hydrated helps an individual’s brain to operate faster. Those who drink as little of 500ml of water prior to engaging in mental activities were 14% faster than those who did not drink. If you feel like your concentration is drifting, try drinking a glass of water and your brain will resume normal functioning within seconds.
  • Another example of not drinking enough water is low mood swings. Think of it this way – there are two core factors that determine an individual’s mood: energy and motivation. Drinking enough water ensures that you stay energised and motivated.

Now that you’ve wrapped your Monday brain around this wit propulsion information, why not head off to your water cooler , replenish your water and improve the general Monday mood for yourself and your fellow office goers by delivering the best jokes they’ve heard.