World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

Today, there are over 663 million people living without a safe water supply close to home, spending countless hours queuing or trekking to distant sources, and coping with the health impacts of using contaminated water. Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater. In 2017, the theme is ‘Wastewater’.

If you’re not involved with this global water summit, you may be asking yourself what, if anything, can you do?

Well, a good thing to know is that if you are an AquAid customer, you’re already helping with the continued implementation of sustainable water projects to many of those in dire need.

With each bottle of water purchased or installation of a Mains Fed Water Cooler, AquAid donate a portion of those sales to the charities that we’ve supported for more than a decade: Christian Aid and The Africa Trust.

Christian Aid is a global charity, whose aim it is to implement profound change in eradicating the causes of poverty, striving to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality. Of the many crises they deal with on a daily basis, safe drinking water has been identified as the number one priority in sub-Saharan Africa where every day 5,500 children lose their life due to diseased water. For as little as £10, Christian Aid can provide a child with a lifetime supply of clean, fresh water. With each bottle of water that we supply, Christian Aid receives a 10p donation.

The mission of the Africa Trust is to bring sustainable solutions to poverty in Africa. Part of this sustainable development includes providing access to clean productive water and decent sanitation. With every bottle of water that we supply, a 30p donation is made to the Africa Trust along with a £20 per annum donation for every mains-fed water cooler installed.

If you’re not as yet an AquAid customer, but appreciate how we work, we’ll be more than happy to help introduce you to our range of water dispensers, water coolers and water boilers.

With 23 branches across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, we’re well placed to provide you with fresh, cool drinking water all year round while you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your water product purchases make a significant difference in other’s lives.