The days of having to boil your water over a fire is long gone, but the need for warm water is still as important as it was hundreds of years ago. Fortunately, for us water boilers have evolved with the times, and we are now able to get hot water anywhere and at any time, instantly.

The most popular water boilers in our homes are kettles and geysers. Every modern home has these and they are essential tools for cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene. In the industrial industry, water boilers are vital for thousands of different uses, but the most important must be for the production of electricity.

For most modern shops and restaurants, the need for rapid water boiling is important to ensure that they can provide and deliver their goods and foods to their clientele on time. Coffee shops have mastered the need for coffee and the need for hot water into Espresso and coffee machines that combine the two needs into one easy to use machine.

Water boilers for office, residential and personal use, are available in hundreds of different shapes and sizes, depending in their usage, location and the quantity of the water that needs to be boiled. No matter what your hot water needs might be there will be a water boiler perfectly suited to meet your demands and budget. Many home and office water boilers offer instant hot water, not relying on a tank of stored hot water that is continuously heated. Instant boilers use a very effective heating system that use normal tap water and brings it to a boil in a few short seconds. The advantages with instant boilers are that they never run out of hot water and they are more environmentally friendly as they do not waste any electricity while not being used. Geysers and large industrial boilers require large storage tanks to keep the hot water in and these storage tanks need constant heating, using large quantities of electricity.