This is an absolutely 100% true story. I’m still a bit traumatised, so I’ve been guzzling water for the past hour or so in order to calm down enough to write this.

I’m beginning to wonder about karma; destiny; poetic justice – all those good? things that defy normal day-to-day occurrences.

Allow me to explain:

My poor, long serving car went in for what Round 32 in seems to be an endless series of repairs this past week. The mechanic decided to loan me his car as I needed to get around while he’s effecting repairs.

During the week, I had replied to an e-mail from my mum, where she made mention of her car being rear-ended by a chap driving a Lexus. My response, based mostly on concern, was that she seemed to not have the best luck when it came to having accidents (and she’s had some humdingers in her time).

I’ve always prided myself on being able to drive just about anything – this includes, with absolutely zero experience, a big lorry for the first time ever, down the M5 when I was working on a farm some years ago – without incident. I also have a rather overdeveloped sense of responsibility when it comes to driving other people’s cars – I take exceptional care of other people’s belongings as I would like them to take of mine.

Add to this, the fact that I have had, in 30 years of driving, a total of 1 accident that I caused. It involved a Fiat Mira Fiora, a Greek style toga made out of a bedsheet and a very slow release clutch on a steep hill. ‘nuff said. Anyhow, let’s return to the story.

So, I’m tootling along in the loan car; which is easy peasy as it’s the same make as mine – doing good I might add – buying tinned food to donate to a charity that’s holding an indoor market in the area. I buy the tinned food, get into said car, check behind me to my left for oncoming traffic and people walking behind me and slowly reverse out, smack bang into an Audi which has parked illegally behind me. Loan car’s bumper 1 – Audi bumper 0. It honestly felt like I’d collided with soft tin. Huge dent in the Audi’s bumper. A man the size of a caber tossing Highlander (and I’m not kidding) gets out of the Audi. Things went pretty pear shaped from there.

I then had to ‘phone the friendly mechanic and explain to him that I’d just dinged his car.

So that’s my sad story. It’s left me wondering. Was it because I’d cautioned my mum about her bad luck? Because I’d loaned a car instead of just patiently (not my strong suit) waiting for my car to be returned?

Whatever the reason, I’m not the happiest camper at the moment. Silver lining? Hmm, I’ll have a good story to tell at the water cooler when I get in on Monday.