1. You won’t run out of water

Bottled water coolers quickly run dry with heavy demand, and water suppliers are limited to the number of bottles you are able to store. With a Mains Fed system, this problem is easily solved, as it is connected to your building’s water supply. This gives you an endless supply of healthy, filtered water. AquAid’s high capacity point of use coolers even boast a unique 11 litre cold water reservoir.

2. It’s convenient

Storage of bottles can become a hassle if not stored correctly with adequate space, but with a Mains Fed cooler you don’t need to worry about this, as there are no bulky bottles involved. Its design is compact and clever, and you won’t even notice that it’s there due to its noiseless circuit. Your admin time will be reduced too as there’s usually just one annual invoice to deal with.

3. It offers choice

Most Mains Fed coolers offer both a hot/cold option, so your employees can enjoy unlimited cups of coffee, or refreshing glasses of water. Some also have an additional choice of ‘room temperature’. Still not quite right? An adjustable thermostat can even control how hot or cold you want your drink.

4. It’s hygienic

Although Mains Fed water coolers are connected to your building’s water supply, that doesn’t mean you’ll be drinking from the tap. Everyone knows that tap water contains various chemicals, so the Mains Fed system goes through a thorough ‘Doultron’ filtration process. The high quality stainless steel tank and UV option also ensure cleanliness.

5. Your money will go further

Studies show that a Mains Fed cooler will save you up to 70% in water bills! Your money will also go towards a good cause, as £20 is donated to The Africa Trust for every Mains Fed Water cooler installation. The Africa Trust concentrates on job creation in the developing world.