The biggest advantage of bottled water is that it is convenient and safe. When you are travelling to work, or on holiday, you can never be sure if there will be clean and safe drinking water at your destination or on your way there. As with all our bottled water products, AquAid provides bottled water coolers and water filtration that will ensure you get only the best fresh water available.

Our bottled water is pure and filtered to remove any harmful chemicals and bacteria, leaving you feeling better and healthier. Many water processing plants use dangerous chemicals to purify their water, but the AquAid range of water coolers do not. If the fluoride content in your unfiltered tap water is too high, it can lead to discoloured teeth and fragile bones. Our water is as clean as nature intended it to be.

If you are concerned about the environment, and do not want to install bottled water coolers, then we have the perfect solution for you. Our range of AquAid mains fed water coolers connect directly onto your water mains at your home or office, and will provide you with the cleanest and most convenient fresh water available. This system uses the unique and highly effective AquAid Doulton filtration system to ensure that your water is as clean and healthy as any bottled water. With this system installed in your home or office, you can conveniently fill a water bottle to take with you on all your journeys.

Other benefits of bottles water is that it will ensure you are properly hydrated at all times. Tests have shown that a drop in body fluids can lead to poor mental and physical performance of up to 30%. Carrying fresh water with you, and having regular sips of water will ensure that you are never thirsty, and that you will always perform at your best.

No matter what sort of water cooler you are looking for, at AquAid we have the perfect solution for you. Have a look at our fantastic website for the full range of water coolers that we have for your convenience and health.