During these winter months, our thoughts turn to keeping warm and a rather pleasant way to do this is by drinking a cuppa.

Today I’m concentrating on coffee.

Here’s some random info to keep your brain warm too.

Coffee shop culture has been ‘trending’ for decades now, in some instances ‘doing coffee’ is even more popular than meeting at the pub. People’s lifestyles and attitudes to their choice of beverages and where they spend their time to socialise have significantly changed – this could also be a factor of most societies becoming multi-cultural and a cup of java is the preferred drink instead of drinking alcohol.

A few little known coffee facts

Coffee is a term applied to the drink, the beans and the genus Coffea which is part of the Madder family.

There are over thirty species of genus, but we only use three of them.

  1. C. arabica
  2. C. canephora and
  3. C. liberica.

The coffee plants bloom fragrant white flowers but only for a few days.

It takes about five years to grow before a coffee tree can produce a full harvest.

AquAid not only supply a wide range of water coolers for the workplace and schools, but also a range of water boilers and hot drinks – Kenco Coffee being one:

There’s a wide range of authentic Kenco coffee flavours to choose from including:

  •         dark, medium or light roast
  •         Columbian, Kenyan or Carte Noir blends
  •         rich espresso
  •         creamy cappuccino
  •         de-caf coffees.

Happy keeping warm day to you