In spring 2002, three university mates clubbed together to launch their own recruitment agency focussed on the construction industry. Optima Site Solutions was born.

Having worked hard to build up their enterprise, they got through the global financial crisis and more recently Brexit, which has affected labour supply, and COVID, which gave a temporary shake up to the internal organisation. Proving time-and-time again that theirs is a sustainable and progressive business.

Optima now has more than 35 employees and supplies thousands of contractors to hundreds of clients each year; making it one of the largest recruitment agencies for construction in the UK. The company’s success has been built on years of effective trade and sticking to its core values of candidate quality, being transparent and best service for all.

Optima is well aware of the importance of their employees maintaining good hydration habits, consequently they installed AquAid bottled water coolers in their Head Office in 2008. Not only has this led to their organisation having constant supply of refreshing drinking water, it has also meant automatic donations to the charities they support through AquAid with each bottle of water delivered.

This partnership has also led to a water well, known as an Elephant Pump, to be built in a water scarce region in Zimbabwe on their behalf.  This pump, constructed using locally available materials, has a capacity to supply up to 10,000 litres of potable water per day, and due to its award winning design will do so for decades.

AquAid look forward to being able to present the Optima Site Solutions team with a certificate, a photo of the pump and a letter of thanks for their participation in this life-changing build in due course.

You can read more about Optima Site Solutions here.