With the changing weather accompanied by a mix of higher and lower temperatures, where we’re not sure if we would rather drink chilled water or a hot water drink, the good news is there is a simple, cost-effective solution where you can have both from one source.

Installing a hot and cold water dispenser from AquAid is that solution.

We supply a range of high-quality cold and hot water dispensers, each designed to match your drinking water requirements, whether your preference is drinking long tall glasses of chilled water or endless cups of piping hot drinks.

Furthermore, these wonderful benefits are standard in every AquAid Hot and Cold Water Dispenser:

Time saving

At the office, boost productivity with refreshing, hydrating water while also getting your hot water drink faster without having to wait for the kettle to boil for your morning brew.

Space saving

As an example, although the AquAid 400X has sufficient capacity to continuously dispense water on demand, the sleek and slimline design of the unit means it only requires 1 ft2 of space.

Temperature control

All of AquAid’s hot and chilled water dispensers include an adjustable thermostat for accurate temperature control.

Cost saving

Replenishing and replacing chilled bottles of water in a fridge costs money and takes time, as does heating the kettle every time you need hot water for your preferred hot drink. With an AquAid water cooler, your chilled or hot water is kept at the perfect temperature, ready available for dispensing at your convenience.

With all of this good news come the changing weather, things are definitely looking up. Even better news is that we at AquAid have plenty of hot water (not hot air) to keep you warm and fuzzy, alongside chilled water to keep you cool and hydrated – whichever your preference. We have a selection of hot and cold water dispensers to fit into any niche, whether it’s at the office, construction site, medical facility, clubhouse or school.