Skipping Lunch while at Work. Better or Worse for your Health?

Skipping Lunch while at Work. Better or Worse for your Health?

There’s no avoiding it. Work an eight-hour (or longer) day and you’ll have to stop to eat at some point. Be it a questionable sandwich or a lavish lunch, workers need grub. But what should you eat to achieve maximum results? And is skipping lunch to reply to those e-mails really such a bad thing? In this two-part series, we have a look at both sides.*

Eating in the office canteen is good for you. In Finland, at least.

The Finnish have done a lot of research into workplace eating habits. One study by the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare found that workers who ate in office cafeterias, compared to those who brought in packed lunches, were eating more fruit and vegetables. This has a lot to with the fact that in Finland, food provided in canteens must meet national nutritional guidelines.

To be sure, the wisdom of eating in a canteen does depend on the quality of what’s on the menu. Staff interviewed at Barnsley Borough Council in London described the food in their cafeteria as ‘stodgy’ and more suited to those performing manual work.

Skipping lunch is bad for you.

As explained in his book about workplace eating habits, Christopher Wanjek found that workers who skip lunch are more stressed, less productive and only end up snacking in the afternoon anyway.

The endless cycle of bad nutrition and low national productivity.

Poor eating choices affect productivity. In fact, it causes this shame spiral:

There’s a lot that has gone into this debate. In Part II, we’ll thrash this out further. For now, at least one thing is crystal – keeping yourself hydrated at work can only be good for you.

While we wait for the next instalment, remember to repeatedly recharge your water glass  or water bottle using your desktop water dispenser or zeroing in on your floor-standing water cooler.

*source: from an article in Quartz.

Ten to Six Water Cooler Must Haves – Part I

Ten to Six Water Cooler Must Haves – Part I

  1. Eco-Friendly

By using a water cooler dispenser, you are helping to protect our environment. We use billions of individual plastic water bottles each year and millions end up in our rubbish each day. By drinking water from a reusable water bottle and refilling our water bottles using water from dispensed from a water cooler, we can significantly reduce this number. This means that you can still enjoy the convenience of having water with you at all times and be safe in the knowledge that you are lessening the harmful impact on the environment.

  1. Saves Money

While the upfront cost of purchasing a water cooler may seem pricy initially, over time you can expect to see significant savings. Water coolers offer an economical way to drink more water. Instead of purchasing many disposable water bottles, you can save money by buying large bottles for your dispenser. If you’re using a mains fed water cooler dispenser, you can also expect to see significant savings.

  1. Perfect Temperature

Many water dispensers are fitted with hot and cold water taps. Chilled water is perfect for a constant supply of refreshing drinking water. The hot water tap offers a quick, convenient way to make tea, coffee, soup, hot chocolate or any hot drink. For added convenience AquAid also offer a range of coolers that dispense ambient temperature water.

  1. Attractive Appearance

When most of us imagine a water cooler, we picture a machine that doesn’t hold much appeal and won’t complement our kitchen, reception or office areas. Fortunately, this stereotype is no longer true. AquAid’s range of water coolers are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials.  Common finishes include black, white, silver and stainless steel.

  1. Perfect Size

If you’re concerned about where you would put a new water cooler, you need not worry. AquAid has a range of high-quality water coolers, in varying shapes and sizes, so you can choose a unit that’s sure to fit perfectly in your space. Available models include a free-standing water cooler or a desktop ( table top) water cooler. Free-standing units are typically larger and are better suited for use in areas where there is more floor space. In contrast, desktop (countertop) water dispensers are usually more compact and are ideal for use in smaller spaces.

Look out for Part II to find out more about the other benefits a water cooler provides.

Now that it’s Cooler – Hydration and Fitness

Now that it’s Cooler – Hydration and Fitness

The majority of people are under the impression that dehydration is something that happens only to athletes. The truth is that it happens to everyone, across all lifestyles and of all ages. Athletes just experience dehydration faster, with signs that are more visible.

Whether it is during a long walk to the office or during physical training, our body heats up when it works hard. To try to cool your body down enough to prevent heat stroke and to reduce core temperature, our bodies have to perspire. The perspiration evaporates to assist the body to reduce temperature. The drawback is that during warmer weather or constantly being in heated environments the perspiration is not efficient, and your body continues to sweat to try to reduce heat. As a result, dehydration accelerates.

There are a few tips that can assist you in avoiding dehydration during your exercise and fitness training and daily life. The most important tip is to keep hydrated, and not to wait until you are thirsty.

Drink water often, and at regular intervals. By the time you feel thirsty, you are already short of close to 1.5 litres of body fluids. It can take over a full day to recover from that type of dehydration. If you continue to work, train or exercise without sufficient hydration, your body can suffer from heat stroke. Dehydration affects everyone however; it usually affects unfit, elderly adults and overweight individuals far more quickly.

About 0.5L of water 1-2 hours before your exercise should assist you to stay cool, increase your performance and reduce your risk of heat stroke and dehydration dramatically.  Avoid coffee, teas and any drink with alcohol in it, as these will cause you to urinate more often, and increase your fluid loss. Remember that after your exercise, long walk or strenuous activity to drink lots of water. Do this as soon as possible to give your body the help that it needs to recover.

Need access to a constant supply of refreshing drinking water but don’t currently have a water dispenser?

There is an easy solution. Contact AquAid’s experienced and professional in-house agents. We offer a free on-site survey to assess your water dispenser requirements. This obligation-free service helps establish whether you are best served installing bottled or mainsfed water coolers.

Piping Hot Water – Seasonal Drinks AquAid style

Piping Hot Water – Seasonal Drinks AquAid style

There are a number of positives to installing an AquAid Hot & Cold Water Dispenser or Hot Water Boiler. The most common reasons are piping hot water constantly available for whatever hot drink you enjoy – tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot lemon water – the list goes on.

Often though there seems to be a hot water drink (meal?) that is oft forgot but just as vital to getting you through the working or school day, albeit in a heated hydration method.

Nothing equates to a soup made from scratch, but as we go about our daily business or busy school day, there often is only a minute or two available to dispense piping hot water for a nourishing mug of soup. And instant soups hit the spot perfectly.

Instant soup has been around for decades, with firm favourites remaining popular however, tastes have broadened where we now have soup from further afield gaining popularity. Although there may be plenty people for whom a spoonful of Bovril or Marmite in hot water will suffice, there are other consommés that are just as nourishing and healthy. Think miso soup for example!

Whatever your favourite hot water brew, AquAid has a boiling hot water drink dispenser to meet your requirements.

If you’d like know more about AquAid hot & cold dispenser and water boiler products as well as our life-saving charity partnerships, please * e-mail or us on 0800 772 3003. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

Water Cooler or Water Dispenser – what is your preference?

Water Cooler or Water Dispenser – what is your preference?

Whatever your preference, AquAid supply a wide range of water dispensers and water coolers to our customers.

Installing a water dispenser makes sense as they offer the user the best quality water at convenient temperatures.

AquAid is one of the largest water dispensing companies in the U.K.  Established by Paul Searle in 1998, who went door-to-door selling bottled water coolers and bottled water to home customers, our business has

has grown exponentially since these humble beginnings.  We now offer a high quality range of water cooler dispensers to all industries, including small, medium and large companies, construction sites through to schools and dentists; doctors; fitness centres and production companies.

Having a water dispenser on site for any organisation means they are able to offer cool, fresh drinking water to whoever visits them, as well as being able to keep all those in their organisation properly hydrated.

Numerous studies have shown that keeping hydrated can increase one’s mental and physical performance by as much as 20% – thus enabling employees to keep properly hydrated throughout the working day and for schools, it means that both the staff and children keep themselves hydrated, all while helping the children better concentrate in class.

The health benefits from proper hydration are manifold. People often mistake thirst for hunger. This can adversely affect health as instead of drinking water, people may overeat as they don’t realise they are, in fact, dehydrated. Dehydration can have a negative effect resulting in poor concentration, headaches, feeling tired and listless and poor health overall.

Having a water cooler dispenser in your office, workplace, site, rooms or school means you’ll be able to offer everyone the opportunity to drink water and keep hydrated.

AquAid supply a wide range of water cooler dispensers available in bottled or mains fed.

The bottled water cooler dispensers are perfect for the smaller businesses or work environments that do not have hundreds of individuals to service.

For larger offices, business centres and schools, the mains fed water coolers are the most practical and cost effective. These units filter and purify the water that comes out of your normal taps, giving you clean and safe water whenever you need it.

Furthermore, having adjustable water temperatures your AquAid water dispenser offers a choice of piping hot water for hot water drinks or chilled drinking water throughout the year.

With all the benefits that water cooler dispensers offer, why not install one today?

Give the fantastic team at AquAid a call and they will gladly assist you with all your water cooler dispenser needs.

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The Soothing Power of Water

The Soothing Power of Water

This is not, as one might deduce from the heading, a blog about drinking refreshing water from your water cooler, but rather about steps that you can take when you’re convinced that you’re about to have a meltdown rivalling that of Chernobyl.

  1. Close your eyes (preferably, not when you’re driving your lorry). Gently let the world disappear, and go within to regain your equilibrium. This makes sense as when one thinks of how much information one is exposed to every waking minute of the day – mobiles; TVs; iPads, iPhones; Social Media – it can be a blessed relief to switch off that constant input for a little while – and not just while one is sleeping. Consciously closing one’s eyes and drifting off can calm ones frayed nerves immensely.
  2. Go outside. This can be easier said than done, as we don’t all have the luxury of a village green, common or park near us, but you can try to find a safe(ish) open area with a bit of grass or a bench where you’re not jammed in cheek to jowl with other equally stressed human beings.
  3. Breathe deeply. Breathing is the foundation of sanity. It is the way we provide our brain and every other vital organ in our body with the oxygen needed for us to survive. Breathing also eliminates toxins from our systems. One of the simplest ways to calm the nerves is to stay still (sitting or standing) and breath in through the nose, mouth closed, deep into the stomach, and exhale, again, through the nose, mouth closed. Repeat 3x.
  4. Find some water. Whether it’s a local pond or a gentle babbling brook, being close to running water is very calming. On inclement days where you can’t really venture outside, take a shower and imagine (albeit briefly) that you’re on some tropical island underneath a waterfall.
  5. Drink water. When you’re overwrought, keep drinking it – a big glass of it once an hour. Walk beside some water, look at and listen to it. Get into some if you can, for a bath or a swim. Hot baths and hot springs are popular for good reasons.

Of course, AquAid being one of the UK’s top water cooler suppliers, to offices, workplaces and private residences, we don’t recommend using your water dispenser to mimic the wonderfully soothing sound of gently running water, but then … you knew that.