Water Cooler Refresh or, How to Refresh, AquAid Style

Water Cooler Refresh or, How to Refresh, AquAid Style

There is ample information available about refreshment, refreshing, how to refresh. We decided to take a closer look at what exactly refresh means – when pertaining to hydration that is.

Drinking water regularly doesn’t often top the refreshment list – it’s often seen as a chore more than something one does for enjoyment. Which is a pity as making regular visits to your water cooler – whether it be a mainsfed or bottled water dispenser to replenish your water glass or bottle – is just about the simplest and kindest manner in which to refresh yourself.

There are scores of literature and countless research and case studies available that illustrate the refreshment arising from ensuring you have a constant supply of drinking water available throughout your working hours.

A few refreshing facts – drinking water regularly:

  • Increases your brain’s ability to better concentrate and focus – aiding all round cognitive function.
  • Is one of the best ways to *boost your metabolism; one study* found that people who drank as little as 500ml water had their metabolic rates increase by 30 percent.
  • Improves mood and well-being, which in itself creates feeling refreshed.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, plumps up the skin leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

No matter your physical makeup, level of activity, the type of work you do, drinking water is truly the simplest route to feeling refreshed every day. Cheers! 

*sources: eatthis.com and Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

Sustainable Water Provision and your AquAid Water Dispenser

Sustainable Water Provision and your AquAid Water Dispenser

Irrespective of your take on climate change, radically changing weather patterns year on year or the crucial drop in natural water supply globally, there is no denying that the stats speak volumes:

771 Million people lack access to potable water.*

1.7 Billion People lack access to improved sanitation.

Approximately 60% of the global population lives without access to a toilet.

*stats from Water.org

The ramifications of these statistics and the volume of people it affects can seem quite daunting in terms of how to address this global issue.  The good news, though, is that there are multiple organisations that continue, year on year, to provide sustainable solutions to the lack of water and adequate sanitation to those in need.

Sustainability may seem like a 21st century buzzword – bandied about without much meaning, but the truth of it is – sustainability is vital in the provision of water and sanitation to those for who access to water is an ongoing fight for actual survival.

Sustainable water projects are those that include both short term and long-term solutions that pave the way forward by enabling a community to begin water related projects that may provide them with a capacity to earn an income or to trade their produce or services to others.

There’s much truth in the adage, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime’, but before we implement this philosophy, help is needed to provide water to communities that more often than not, do not have the most basic of infrastructures for a steady supply of water.

That’s why here at AquAid Water Coolers we have, since our humble beginnings over two decades ago, partnered with charities that not only provide emergency relief but also sustainable solutions to poverty around the globe, as is the case with Christian Aid and in the case of The Africa Trust, throughout Africa.

To learn more about the work that these organisations carry out, visit us at our website, and see how your water and water dispenser purchases are making a visible difference to others.

Why the AquAid Range of Water Dispensers?

Why the AquAid Range of Water Dispensers?

There are multiple reasons to choose AquAid for all your cool, chilled or piping hot drinking water needs. We’ve compiled an at-a-glance list providing you with relevant information with which to help you decide on which AquAid water dispenser matches your drinking water requirements.

Quality Range

We supply a wide range of high quality, user-friendly water dispensers. Included in our range are cold, cold and hot water coolers, hot water boilers and Instant Taps.


Our bespoke water coolers, boilers and Instant Taps come standard with a range of hygienic features. Like silver impregnated anti-bacterial taps and ‘Freshield’ anti-microbial moulded components.


We offer a wide range of Touch-Free water dispensers that include non-contact dispense points and infrared sensor technology, thereby eliminating user contact with buttons.


From all aspects, choosing AquAid means convenience to you. Installing an AquAid water dispenser provides a convenient and continual supply of refreshing drinking water. With 23 branches, we are at your convenience whatever your location in the UK and we provide convenience – with delivery and installation of our bottle-fed coolers in 48 hours and mains-fed coolers in 3-4 days.


Draw on our over two decades of business in the provision of high quality water coolers backed our dedicated personnel and efficient systems.


You get to rely on our wealth of experience, taking the worry out of what cooler for which application. We offer an obligation free consultation in order to establish which water dispensers meets your drinking water requirements. We cater to all organisations, irrespective of size or type of industry.


With multiple distribution centres making us closer to our customers through to SIP and ELIMINATA energy-saving technology and reusing our water bottles, we continue making every effort to reduce our carbon footprint on our environment.


A core factor of our business is our belief in making a difference and helping those who need it most. Since our inception in 1998 we have donated to charities, focusing on organisations that implement life-saving, sustainable clean water resources to some of the world’s poorest water scarce communities.

Water Coolers for Schools

Water Coolers for Schools

Numerous studies have shown that children need to maintain good hydration throughout their day – it is a crucial component to their being able to better pay attention, retain information, as well as contributing to their overall well-being while at school.

As an employer in any educational facility, you can help by making sure that drinking water is not only available to the children but also your entire staff contingent.

A hydrated child is a much happier child. Yet another reason for all schools in the UK to ensure drinking water is easily accessible and readily available.

As one of the largest water cooler suppliers to pre-schools, schools, academies, colleges and universities throughout the UK, AquAid offer a wide range of top-quality water dispensers specifically designed to meet the small, medium or large capacity requirements of any educational facility.

Choose from our range of Mains-Fed water coolers for large schools where the water consumption is high or, from our Bottle-Fed range for schools where a water mains isn’t readily available.

When AquAid install any water dispenser in a school, these added benefits, all of which contribute towards a more holistic approach to hydration, are included:

  • Installation in a location of your choice by WHA qualified and enhanced DBS checked engineers.
  • Full maintenance, including emergency call-outs in the event of a breakdown.
  • The supply of 100 free, individual water bottles to encourage the children to fill their water bottles throughout the day, plus 2 posters showing the benefits of hydration, suitable for the age group of the students.
  • Automatic charitable donations resulting in the implementation of clean water resources for children in Africa.
Installing an AquAid Water Cooler in a Workplace Bubble

Installing an AquAid Water Cooler in a Workplace Bubble

It’s been a long road for us all and as we approach the summer months and the return (in part) to offices, worksites, educational facilities and at some stage, medical facilities, it’s probably fair to assume that we are all well aware of the importance of implementing hygiene and safety protocols when accessing vital drinking water.

Each AquAid water dispenser is engineered to the highest quality standards. Every water cooler is equipped with advanced hygiene and safety features, as examples:

  • Hygiene guard silver impregnated dispense taps,
  • Non-contact dispense points, 
  • Infrared sensor technology operation, and 
  • ‘Freshield’ anti-microbial moulded components.

Every AquAid Water Cooler, Instant Tap and Hot Water Boiler is installed and maintained by our WHA accredited qualified engineers.

As per the WHA guidelines, we sanitise all bottle-fed water coolers every 3 months and all mains-fed water dispensers every 6 months. Our WHA accredited service technicians perform all services.

AquAid, in line with Government Covid-19 protocols, have remained operational, delivering water across the UK, to essential service locations, including medical facilities and vaccination sites.

Where required, we have also installed additional water coolers where needed for workplace bubbles, thereby ensuring a constant supply of drinking water to each person within the designated bubble.

To find out how we can best meet your daily hydration needs, contact us today. We are easy to reach: telephone: 0800 772 3003, e-mail: info@aquaidwatercoolers.co.uk or leave your details using the contact form on the AquAid website. We will be happy to assist.




Why the Emphasis on Water Dispensers in Schools?

Why the Emphasis on Water Dispensers in Schools?

Dehydration is serious for all of us, but not more so than to our children.  Children, especially those younger than ten, are often unaware of the need to drink water regularly and will only do so when they are already thirsty. By this time, their cognitive function is already reduced, by up to 20%. This loss of function affects their ability to concentrate, assimilate information as well as easily perform both mentally and physically.

Here, at AquAid, we understand how vital it is to have easy access to a constant supply of drinking water throughout the school day. This is why we have made sure that we have a range of high quality water coolers available, specifically designed to cater for a high demand of refreshing water on a continual basis.

High capacity water dispensers like the AquAid Hydrator. Designed specifically for use in schools and high usage areas, this mainsfed unit can supply up to 40ℓ of cold drinking water per hour.

Another suitable option is the AquAid Ecofill Touch-Free water dispenser; offering a host of features that include a non-contact dispense point; large bottle clearance height; ‘Freshield’ anti-microbial components and electricity free function.

The AquAid Hydrator and AquAid Ecofill Touch-Free are but two examples of a range of suitable water dispensers ensuring children have easy access to drinking water.

After all, a properly hydrated child means a healthier and happier child – more able to pay attention in class, a better capacity to learn while having sufficient (but not sugar-filled) energy to get through the day.

Not sure which water cooler is best for your school’s requirements? Not to worry, contact us at AquAid and one of our experts will guide you to establish the optimum water cooler for use at your school, gym or play area.