With ever-shifting work environments, especially due to events over the last few years, coupled with constant changes between a physical versus a virtual workspace, we pose the question – do water cooler conversations still take place? If so, are they of benefit?

First, let’s define what water cooler talk is. Essentially, it’s the informal conversations between co-workers that typically occur spontaneously in the workspace. It generally involves casual discussions on non-work topics which employees engage in during free moments throughout their workday.*

Next, we turn to whether chats at the water cooler, be they in person or in cyberspace, are of benefit to an organisation and its employees.

According to research, it would seem water cooler chats do benefit both.

  • They contribute significantly to building an inclusive company culture as they create opportunities for employees to bond over shared interests and experiences.*
  • Whereas the shift to remote work transcended the physical office space, virtual platforms gave rise to the ability to host casual conversations, giving remote teams a chance to build working relationships in an informal setting – around a virtual water cooler.*
  • Various studies showed organisations who facilitated virtual water cooler talk resulted in a significant improvement to employee well-being, a feeling of being included and a positive outlook in general.*

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*source: from a blog at Cerkl