There’s so much literature out there about water coolers. Water cooler jokes; euphemisms; there’s even an expression where gathering at a water cooler station means the same as you being able to take a break, as in, ”I’ll meet you at the water cooler in 10”.  Although this usually means you’ll be replenishing your water, it also means that you’ll be taking a break, perhaps catching up with workmates; sharing ideas; telling the latest (clean, we hope) joke.  For all we know, somewhere out in the big, wide world, there’s a guru meditating next to a water cooler, waiting to spread their wisdom and philosophy to whoever draws near to top up their water.

Not that taking a break in your work day is something negative, or an indication that you’re counter-productive.

There have been numerous studies where the results indicate that taking a break at work; similar to taking a power nap; actually make you indeed, more productive, not less.

Further to this, if you use your water cooler station not just to take a break, but to also replenish your water cup or bottle, not only are you helping your brain a breather to re-boot, but the chances of increasing your productivity are higher, as the more hydrated you are, the better your concentration, memory retention and general well-being.

So, which are you? Are you the pile-driver workaholic who roars through the day barely lifting your head to acknowledge others? Or, are you more of the sensible, know-that-taking-a-break-is-good-for-you ilk?

Whatever your at-work-method is, if you don’t currently have a water cooler in your work space, if you consider the benefits, perhaps it’s time to make the call. To us at AquAid, that is. We have a wide range of water cooler and water products to suit your requirements and we’d be pleased to assist.

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