Here in the UK, we’re well into autumn, and with winter beckoning from not too afar, it’s not surprising that we automatically adjust our drinking water frequency, usually to much lower levels.

While understandable, it’s a little unwise. These organ – water percentages illustrate how vital it is to maintain good drinking water habits, irrespective of what season we’re in.

  • Skin is 64% water.
  • Your brain and heart is 73% water.
  • Our blood plasma is 90% water.
  • Your lungs are 83% water.
  • Your muscles and kidneys are 79% water.

Adverse effects from not drinking enough water include digestive, skin, bladder and kidney problems, tiredness and even headaches.

Dehydration usually occurs before we feel thirsty. That’s why it’s important to drink water consistently throughout the day. One of the best methods to kick start your day, especially if you’re not a morning person, is to drink one to two glasses of water right after you wake up. This will increase your blood pressure and help reduce lethargy. From there, always have a bottle or a glass of water handy and make sure to visit your water dispenser, water cooler or hot water boiler regularly.

If your preference in cooler weather is to drink hot water drinks, that’s great. It’s wise to keep in mind that if you are drinking sugared hot drinks, your body uses a large amount of water to filter all the sugar from your system.  If you must have plentiful cups of say, coffee – try to match each coffee with a glass of water and at the very least, cut out the sugar.

Drinking water regularly also speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel more ‘full’. This can be very beneficial to your overall ‘cold weather’ health where the inclination is to eat more and exercise less. Drink