Needing to drink water often is something that affects us all. None more so than when performing on stage. This is something we commonly see, particularly with stand-up comedians.

The performer invariably keeps a bottle of water with them onstage from which they often sip. Being funny and getting laughs can be mouth drying, itchy throat, and perspiration drenching work, as many comedians can attest.

The same can be said for all thespians who tread the boards performing for an audience. And we imagine this was no different over 2,000 years ago when the first theatre appeared in Ancient Greece.

It isn’t only the performers who need to ensure they constantly hydrate though. Putting on any production is thirsty work! Theatre is the sum of many parts: stagehands, stage and set design, building, costume design, sound and lighting technicians, narrators, stand-ins, ushers, ticket sales – all play an important role in making sure that the performance works!

At AquAid, we are very proud to be associated with provision of cool, refreshing drinking water dispensed from our bottled and mains water coolers for the duration of countless productions across the UK – from small community playhouses to grand theatre and every type of event in-between.

It’s with this in mind that we wish all those involved in this incredible profession, who have delighted, shocked, inspired and enthralled with their craft, a wonderful #WorldTheatreDay! Encore!