Instant Taps are fast becoming the sought-after water solution for many offices, hotels and conferencing venues. If you’re in the process of refurbishing and considering installing hot water taps, read through our Q&A to find out all you need to know about this stylish, compact and cost-effective water dispenser.

Are hot water taps specific to a particular area?

No, Instant Taps can be installed practically anywhere – breakout areas, office kitchens, boardrooms, basically any refreshment point where water is needed; particularly if aesthetics are important as they present a stylish alternative to more traditional water dispensers or boilers.

How are Instant Taps installed?

If you’re trying to free up space around the sink area, hot water taps can be installed into the countertop with its own drain-away tray; or it can be fitted on the edge of the sink or draining board itself, with the boiler or chilling unit discreetly hidden underneath the worktop.

Do you need different taps to satisfy different water requirements?

No, the Instant Tap can dispense boiling and ambient water, and also chilled water if necessary, thereby catering for all your water needs in one elegant solution. Alternatively, if only chilled water is required, the Chill Tap can be installed which dispenses cold water at your preferred temperature.

What is the dispensing capacity?

The Instant Tap can dispense 15 mugs of boiling water instantly and up to 14 litres per hour above 90 °C at the touch of a button; and the Chill Tap has a 10 litre per hour output of perfectly chilled and filtered drinking water.

We’re in a hard water area, is that a problem?

No, Instant Taps can be fitted with a scale management filter that will reduce any limescale issues and comprehensive service plans ensure that any services and repairs are included in the rental agreement so that there are no unexpected costs further down the line.

Are hot water taps more efficient and cost-effective?

Yes, instantly-ready and limitless boiling or chilled filtered water is hugely convenient – the less time people spend waiting the more time they spend being productive. And because hot water taps use less water – kettles are often filled with more water than is needed – they are resource and energy-efficient too.

For any other questions on the range of AquAid Instant Taps and how they can enhance your refreshment points, increase productivity and save you time, energy and money – contact us today. And for a limited time only, AquAid are also offering free installation and three months free rental on all their Instant Taps, so there’s no better time to upgrade.