The title usually denotes trouble, however, as the weather turns cooler, hot water is more a blessing than something to cause concern.

Whereas AquAid is known for our wide range of water coolers, dispensing refreshing chilled and ambient temperature water, it may not be as common knowledge that the range includes a wide selection of both hot & c old water coolers as well as piping hot water boilers.

First, we look at the AquAid range of water boilers:

  • One of the main advantages of installing water boilers is the cost saving. Companies save thousands of £ in staff wages by offering boiling water on demand.
  • Ideal for offices and schools, AquAid water boilers provide an unlimited supply of filtered, boiling drinking water.

Next, we look at AquAid’s range of hot & cold water coolers and their benefits:

  • These water dispensers provide both hot & cold drinking water in one unit.
  • Installed directly into the main water supply and for many businesses, these mainsfed dispensers are a much affordable and environmentally friendly way to access drinking water.
  • There is also a charitable aspect attached to installing a plumbed in water dispenser. For each year of annual rental, there is an automatic £20 donation to the charities AquAid support.

Having this knowledge, it’s easy to understand why this blog’s title is appropriate and why landing you in hot water isn’t necessarily a negative.