Eventful December at the Water Cooler

Eventful December at the Water Cooler

December is a month chock full of occasions, annual observances and traditions.

A brief glance:

03 – 04 Dec –Tree Dressing Day

06 Dec – St. Nicholas Day

11 Dec – International Mountain Day

21 Dec – Winter Solstice

the list goes on.

This may be due to December being a pivotal period of the year as we enter the final transition from late autumn to winter and the close of yet another year.  Although the dropping temperatures and increase in blustery weather may make it difficult to believe, it’s still officially autumn until 21 December.

With so many observances, traditions and events on the go this month it’s easy to understand that we may let our changing hydration needs slip by the wayside despite there being a simple and cost-effective solution. A solution as simple as switching from a chilled drinking water dispenser to a cool and piping hot drinking water dispenser.

With AquAid, you’re spoilt for choice – we supply a wide range of top-quality water coolers, water boilers and Instant Taps – all backed by our superlative services pre, during and post installation.

We invite you to visit our informative website and browse our water cooler selection, suitable for all industries and any size staff contingent, then contact our helpful team via e-mail, telephone or at the website.

Piping Hot Water – Seasonal Drinks AquAid style

Piping Hot Water – Seasonal Drinks AquAid style

There are a number of positives to installing an AquAid Hot & Cold Water Dispenser or Hot Water Boiler. The most common reasons are piping hot water constantly available for whatever hot drink you enjoy – tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot lemon water – the list goes on.

Often though there seems to be a hot water drink (meal?) that is oft forgot but just as vital to getting you through the working or school day, albeit in a heated hydration method.

Nothing equates to a soup made from scratch, but as we go about our daily business or busy school day, there often is only a minute or two available to dispense piping hot water for a nourishing mug of soup. And instant soups hit the spot perfectly.

Instant soup has been around for decades, with firm favourites remaining popular however, tastes have broadened where we now have soup from further afield gaining popularity. Although there may be plenty people for whom a spoonful of Bovril or Marmite in hot water will suffice, there are other consommés that are just as nourishing and healthy. Think miso soup for example!

Whatever your favourite hot water brew, AquAid has a boiling hot water drink dispenser to meet your requirements.

If you’d like know more about AquAid hot & cold dispenser and water boiler products as well as our life-saving charity partnerships, please * e-mail or us on 0800 772 3003. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

How to land yourself in hot water: AquAid’s Hot & Cold Water Coolers and Boilers

How to land yourself in hot water: AquAid’s Hot & Cold Water Coolers and Boilers

The title usually denotes trouble, however, as the weather turns cooler, hot water is more a blessing than something to cause concern.

Whereas AquAid is known for our wide range of water coolers, dispensing refreshing chilled and ambient temperature water, it may not be as common knowledge that the range includes a wide selection of both hot & c old water coolers as well as piping hot water boilers.

First, we look at the AquAid range of water boilers:

  • One of the main advantages of installing water boilers is the cost saving. Companies save thousands of £ in staff wages by offering boiling water on demand.
  • Ideal for offices and schools, AquAid water boilers provide an unlimited supply of filtered, boiling drinking water.

Next, we look at AquAid’s range of hot & cold water coolers and their benefits:

  • These water dispensers provide both hot & cold drinking water in one unit.
  • Installed directly into the main water supply and for many businesses, these mainsfed dispensers are a much affordable and environmentally friendly way to access drinking water.
  • There is also a charitable aspect attached to installing a plumbed in water dispenser. For each year of annual rental, there is an automatic £20 donation to the charities AquAid support.

Having this knowledge, it’s easy to understand why this blog’s title is appropriate and why landing you in hot water isn’t necessarily a negative.

The Rain and Drinking Water Polarity

The Rain and Drinking Water Polarity

You would be forgiven, what with the rain bucketing it down, if you’re viewing wet and water with a somewhat beady eye. For all the good it does and the fact it’s vital to our very lives and sustenance, it doesn’t hold sway when you’ve been rained on, constantly.

Is there a positive slant to these downpours, we ask?

We believe so.

Measuring rainfall beats trainspotting we’re sure of it. Is there anything more satisfying than comparing rainfall notes with your neighbours, workmates (read competitors):  Well, our rain gauge measured 17mm, not sure where you get 10mm from? See?  Promotes interest and healthy competition all round.

Rainfall replenishes the Earth’s water table. All of which means, healthy, thriving plant growth, whether that’s for oxygen creating trees through to crops and crops of your favourite veg.

Free car wash. Okay, perhaps not the best example but true nonetheless. Also encourages physical activity as you rush outside post downpour to wipe your car down so that it shines just as if it’s been freshly washed.

Rivers, lakes, dams refill. And all that goes along with that: Thriving plant, bird, animal and aquatic life.

But what of the polarity mentioned in the blog title? Well, whereas we may not appreciate water raining down on us, we can appreciate constantly available refreshing drinking water.

That would be drinking water dispensed from your mains-fed or your bottle-fed water cooler.  Installed by AquAid. Backed with services and sanitisations performed by our WHA accredited service technicians. Also worth consideration is that AquAid supply hot drinking water dispensers, hot water boilers and Instant Taps. So, if our rain happy reasons haven’t convinced you, it’s good to know you can make yourself – and your neighbour and your workmates – a piping hot cuppa at a moment’s notice. What’s not to like?

Water Cooler Health – Keeping Fit in the Office

Water Cooler Health – Keeping Fit in the Office

Aside from everything else that has occurred over the last two years, possibly one of the biggest changes was the advent of working from home, which brought with it Zoom meetings, Zoom meeting attire – pyjamas on the bottom, work shirt on top. These factors however seemed to snowball into creating a rather sedentary work creature – one of living in sleepwear morning until evening and sadly with that, a serious reduction in exercise or keep fit routines.

All very understandable of course, however, although our daily routines have forever changed, heading back into the office has become the norm for many of us. As has ditching our leisure wear and making a determined effort to dress for work.

The good news is even if you were an exercise powerhouse in the privacy of your home; you are still able to maintain a decent level of fitness while at the office.

If you look online, there are more office exercises than one can extend a desk donkey kick at, but the set from the NHS seems very sensible (and achievable). In part due to their suggestion to:

‘Wear loose, comfortable clothing and keep some water handy.’

We say as much as we know how easy it is to let workplace routines fall aside when you’re not in your usual workspace. Like taking regular breaks.  Stepping away from your desk.  Refilling your water jug or replenishing your water bottle at the office water cooler.

Taking breaks and exercising (even during working hours) are important, however, maintaining good hydration habits, by drinking water regularly, is vital to your well-being and ability to work smarter and not necessarily harder.

If you would like to install a water dispenser, hot & cold water cooler, hot water boiler or Instant Tap in your office, contact us at AquAid.  We’re nationwide for your convenience.

AquAid – How does Hydration Aid Education?

AquAid – How does Hydration Aid Education?

With 24 January being International Day of Education, we thought it important to highlight an often overlooked yet crucial solution which aids children’s education.

Dehydration in children can be difficult to spot

Most children show no obvious visible signs of dehydration, as symptoms such as lethargy, irritability and lack of concentration may be considered normal during class, more often in the afternoon however, we now know that these signs may be due, at least in part, to the effects of dehydration.

The brain cannot store water

No matter the age of the school goer, learning requires the brain’s engagement. Because the brain has no way to store water, drinking water continually throughout the day is vital. When the body loses more water than is being replaced, dehydration occurs and brain function can be affected.

However, when the brain is operating with plenty of water, children are able to have greater clarity, creativity, focus and quicker thought processes.

Well-maintained hydration can boost learning

When we are thirsty, mental performance including memory, attention and concentration can decrease by up to 15 percent. Children are better able to concentrate as they are not as distracted by dehydration effects such as thirst, tiredness and irritability.

The role of nurseries, schools and learning centres

Children will achieve more when both their health and learning needs are met. Ensuring free access to water and promoting a regular water intake throughout the school day is a vital role for schools in promoting health and providing a healthy learning environment.

For more than two decades, AquAid has been involved in campaigns spearheading the importance of drinking water. We understand a hydrated child is a much happier child. Consequently, we have always encouraged our school customers to provide readily available drinking water for both the children and the entire school contingent.

Drawing from our wide range of high quality water dispensers, we offer a selection of Mains-Fed water coolers for large schools where the water consumption is high as well as Bottle-Fed water coolers for either smaller educational facilities or where there are no water mains available at a drinking water area.

We provide Touch-Free water coolers. Our water coolers are equipped with anti-bacterial taps for increased hygienic water dispensing and various drainage options to reduce overflow and spillage wherever possible.

Moreover, to help create and instil better hydration habits, we also offer free refillable drinking water bottles and free school posters to help keep water top of mind during the school day.