Why Water Coolers are Vital to Work Well-Being

Why Water Coolers are Vital to Work Well-Being

Today it is increasingly common to find one if not more water cooler stations in the workplace. Aside from the more obvious – making sure everyone has access to drinking water – there are several positives that not only benefit everyone but the organisation as a whole.

Why? Because keeping employees hydrated creates a set of positive outcomes, all of benefit to the entire workplace.

Crucial for physical well-being. *Dehydration can lead to an array of physical discomforts, including fatigue, muscle cramps and headaches. In particularly demanding work environments, such as construction sites or manufacturing facilities, the risk of heat-related illnesses significantly rises when employees are not adequately hydrated.

Promoting hydration at work is not just about comfort but also about ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees. By providing access to clean drinking water and encouraging regular hydration breaks, employers can reduce the risk of on-the-job accidents and promote a healthier work environment.

Increased productivity and cognitive function. Two primary negatives of dehydration are reduced cognitive ability which leads to reduced productivity. Providing your workforce easy access to a water replenishment station is the simplest and most direct route to ensuring good hydration habits.

Morale and mood boosting. Irritability, mood swings and increased stress levels are often indicators of dehydration.  This can result in decreased job satisfaction and an inharmonious work environment, all which can severely affect productivity and well-being. By encouraging hydration, employers can contribute towards the improved moral and mood boosting of every individual at the workplace.

It therefore makes sense to make use of a well-established organisation with decades of experience in the supply and installation of high-quality water coolers. Be that mainsfed, bottled water coolers, hot water boilers and bottled water deliveries, AquAid are proud to be of service to more than 34,000 customers across the U.K.

*source – from an article at Corporate Wellness Magazine

How Drinking Hot Water contributes to our Health, Hydration & Happiness

How Drinking Hot Water contributes to our Health, Hydration & Happiness

We’re not referring to being in hot water, mind, rather we’re referring to how drinking hot water (and most derivatives thereof) in cold weather boosts our sense of well-being, makes us happy, helps us maintain good hydration habits and as a consequence contributes towards our health too.

Mind how you go. As with anything that you ingest or consume that purports to be healthy, there’s usually a proviso. Of course there is. That’s why we’re not suggesting that you can drink as many of those marshmallow topped, cream laden hot chocolates as you like and still be in the peak of health, but we are stating that by drinking hot water drinks (not just hot water) you will achieve more than just one goal – you’ll warm yourself up, increasing your body temperature; you’ll feel  comforted which increases your sense of well-being and if you’re drinking the right hot drinks, you’ll keep yourself hydrated, which means you’re maintaining your good health.

Don’t be fooled. Unless you were hibernating for the last few decades, you should no doubt be aware (by now) that sugar-free doesn’t equal better health.  In fact, the ‘cheat sweeteners’ can be as bad for your waistline if not worse than could good old granulated sugar. If it tastes oddly synthetic, chances are it usually is.

What’s left, then? Quite a bit actually. Here are a few ideas to keep your precious little self hydrated, your tummy warm; and you fighting fit this winter:

  • Install either a hot and cold water cooler or a hot water boiler at your premises. Visit it, often.
  • Once you’ve installed your hot water maker, speak to those around you – ask them what hot water drinks they enjoy which don’t pack on the pounds.
  • Go exploring. Virtually of course. You’ll find plenty of benefits arising from good hydration habits and a number of tips about hot water drinks at the AquAid Water Coolers blog There’s plenty to choose from, each which will hopefully inspire your hot water drinks journey.

However you choose to warm up when the weather is cooler, we wish you happy hydration health.

Hot Water Boilers Save Energy, Money and Time

Hot Water Boilers Save Energy, Money and Time

With the need to be more environmentally friendly and energy conscious, water boilers offer the ideal solution. Compact, space saving and eco-friendly, they offer the perfect hot water dispense point for every workplace.

Whether you are looking for a more compact wall-mounted water boiler or a larger water boiler for a bigger office, AquAid can meet every requirement.

By not being on the boil for extended periods of time and providing boiling water only when it is needed, water boilers save time, money and natural resources. This provides a considerable decrease in the electricity used to heat your water. Furthermore, with the water being available instantly, there is no need for anyone wanting hot drinking water to have to wait for a kettle to boil, thereby saving a considerable amount of time and energy.

Wall mounted water boilers are a good fit for smaller offices or for large office buildings with multiple kitchens. They are easy to mount and can be positioned out of the way to ensure your canteen or kitchen space is not wasted.

With easy installation and mains fed power, there is no need to rewire the kitchen or installation area to fit a water boiler.

A water boiler is the perfect addition to your office, conference room or kitchen. Offering a wide range of high-quality hot water dispensers, you can rely on our experienced and WHA accredited engineers to provide efficient installation, all backed with AquAid’s proven customer service.

If you are looking for an office hot & chilled water combination, AquAid has the perfect solution for you.

We offer a range of compact and very stylish water dispensers providing all the hot water and/or chilled water needed. These water dispensers are available in a selection of modern, appealing finishes which will look good and fit seamlessly in any boardroom, conference centre or kitchen, giving staff, customers and visitors alike constant access to boiling hot water and cool drinking water, all in an instant.

Five to One Water Cooler Must Haves – Part II

Five to One Water Cooler Must Haves – Part II

  1. Low Maintenance

You don’t need to worry about tedious maintenance and upkeep with a new water cooler. Unlike most appliances, they are very easy to maintain. Most units only require that you keep the dispenser or dispensing area clean. This usually means emptying the drip tray as needed. Aside from this, you need not worry. All our WHA accredited sanitation engineers and delivery drivers have undertaken mandatory hygiene training and we automatically sanitise all bottle-fed water dispensers every 3 months and all mains-fed water dispensers every 6 months.

  1. Features and Accessories

All AquAid Water Coolers offer features and options to best suit where they’re installed. For example, we assess whether you should be installing a bottle fed or mains fed water cooler and will recommend accordingly.  A drinking chart is provided to illustrate how much water you should be drinking every day. For school installations, AquAid provide individual water bottles for the children.

  1. Convenient Water with a Pure Fresh Taste

With a water cooler, you can enjoy the convenience of on-demand water whenever you want it. The water is pure, fresh and great tasting. Our bottled water is sourced from natural springs from three locations around the UK and our mainsfed coolers have advanced filtration systems providing you with clean, fresh drinking water. Best of all you’ll enjoy not having to bring your own bottled water purchased from stores every day as you’ll have access to water all day.

  1. Charitable Aspect

Imagine that by your drinking water you’re benefitting those in need, and then speak to us because this is something that AquAid do. For each water cooler purchased and bottle of water that we deliver, a donation is made to the charities that we’ve supported since AquAid began.

  1. Drink More Water

Many people that install water coolers for themselves, their staff, children, patients and customers find that they drink more water because it’s readily available. This means that you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle because you are drinking the recommended amount of water per day.

Whatever your drinking water, water dispenser, hot water boiler and Instant water taps requirements, AquAid has more than twenty five years’ experience in the provision of the right water cooler for your work place – wherever you’re situated and whatever space you occupy throughout England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Water Cooler Chat – AquAid and the Aquaporins

Water Cooler Chat – AquAid and the Aquaporins

You might be thinking that Aquaporins are a new product from AquAid. You’d be wrong – although the name is reminiscent of pouring water, so perhaps not such a stretch.

But what are they exactly?

Dumb bunny explanation:

Membranes which replicate the way nature removes salt from water, for example in the kidneys or in mangroves.

Slightly less dumb bunny explanation:

An aquaporin is a specialized protein located in the cell membrane of body cells. It forms the mechanism responsible for pumping water into and out of the cell as needed. Aquaporins are part of the large family of major intrinsic proteins, proteins that form pores or channels in the cell membrane, and work to regulate the composition of the inside of the cell.

The aquaporin was discovered by Peter Agre of Johns Hopkins University in 1992. Agre won the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery. He discovered aquaporins serendipitously during a study on the Rh blood group antigen, confirming long-held suspicions by the scientific community that a mechanism for transporting water across the cell membrane existed.

Aquaporins conduct water into and out of the cell, but prevent the movement of ions and other solutes across the cell wall. A specialized form of aquaporin, called an aquaglyceroporin, does allow the movement of some solutes into and out of the cell, but like regular aquaporins, it does not allow charged particles, or ions, to pass through. Some solutes that aquaglyceroporins allow to cross the cell membrane are ammonia, carbon dioxide, and urea. The types of solutes allowed through by aquaporins depend on the size of the protein channel.

How else could Aquaporins benefit mankind?

They could dramatically reduce the energy needed in desalination and the scope there is far reaching – think space suits.

Remember, with AquAid’s water coolers; water; boilers – you won’t need any desalination set up – as you’ll have a consistent supply of refreshing drinking water (and of course, your clever body will take care of the rest).

Eventful December at the Water Cooler

Eventful December at the Water Cooler

December is a month chock full of occasions, annual observances and traditions.

A brief glance:

03 – 04 Dec –Tree Dressing Day

06 Dec – St. Nicholas Day

11 Dec – International Mountain Day

21 Dec – Winter Solstice

the list goes on.

This may be due to December being a pivotal period of the year as we enter the final transition from late autumn to winter and the close of yet another year.  Although the dropping temperatures and increase in blustery weather may make it difficult to believe, it’s still officially autumn until 21 December.

With so many observances, traditions and events on the go this month it’s easy to understand that we may let our changing hydration needs slip by the wayside despite there being a simple and cost-effective solution. A solution as simple as switching from a chilled drinking water dispenser to a cool and piping hot drinking water dispenser.

With AquAid, you’re spoilt for choice – we supply a wide range of top-quality water coolers, water boilers and Instant Taps – all backed by our superlative services pre, during and post installation.

We invite you to visit our informative website and browse our water cooler selection, suitable for all industries and any size staff contingent, then contact our helpful team via e-mail, telephone or at the website.