AquAid as an organisation has always offered more than just the standard customer benefits – a few of these include, but aren’t restricted to:

  • Offering an extensive range of high quality water cooler solutions to meet our customers’ requirements;
  • A 48-hour delivery time on our Bottle-Fed Water Coolers;
  • Water cooler installation and servicing by EDWCA accredited engineers and;
  • Two decades supporting charities that focus on the provision of safe drinking water;

We also provide the invaluable benefit of experience.

Where one might wonder how our experience benefits our customers, it’s refreshingly simple:  you will be relying on a company that has more than 20 years’ experience in the provision of high quality water coolers, water and water related products. Which is why, whatever your volume of demand is for refreshing drinking water, you reap the benefit of two decades of experience when you install a water cooler from AquAid.

From the AquAid Head Office, based in Newmarket, through to our 23 branches spread across the UK, we offer the equivalent of over a hundred years of combined experience.

We continue to expand on this expertise and experience daily thereby enabling us to continually offer the very best benefits to our customers.

Should you wish to benefit from our experience (amongst all our other benefits) while simply keeping yourself refreshed, contact us at AquAid – we’ll be delighted to assist.