I personally don’t ‘do’ New Year’s resolutions. Why not, you ask? Well, think about it: you put yourself under inordinate amounts of stress (which kind of puts paid to resolutions like, ‘I won’t stress as much’) which pretty much sets the pace for the rest of the year, which means that your resolution typifies the identical behaviour for the previous year. Make sense? It should.

Just in case you misguidedly decide on making New Year’s resolutions, please, Louise, try to make them original – none of this ‘I’m going on diet’ nonsense. ‘Drink more water’ should now, of course, be a given, so none of that as a special effort either!

To get you going I found a few which made me snort with laughter:

*I will find out why the correspondence course on ‘Mail Fraud’ that I purchased never showed up.

*Eat more nice things like sweets, Big Macs, popcorn and ice cream. Eat less rubbish like fresh fruit, vegetables and soy nuts.

*New Years Resolution: do a series of jazz-flute instructional tapes. Maybe I’ll call it “Ron Burgundy: A Jazz Flute-orial.” ~ Ron Burgundy

*My New Year resolution is: 1024 by 968 pixels!

*Learn what the heck “resolution” means.

*Learn more resolve.

*My New Year’s resolution is to be less prefect ~ Jim Gaffigan

and my personal favourite:

*My New Year’s resolutions are:

  1. Stop making lists
  2. Be more consistent.
  3. Learn to count.

However you choose to ring in the New Year, may we wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous year ahead.