AquAid is the UK’s leading water cooler supplier. Dedicated to providing exceptional service, we supply a wide range of high-quality water coolers, water boilers and refreshing drinking water. Our water coolers, designed to match your requirements, are suitable for installation in any size of organisation in the Business, Hospitality or Educational sectors.

For some time now, we have seen an increased demand for contactless Water Coolers, which is why we are pleased to introduce the latest in our range of Mains-Fed Water Dispensers:

The AquAid Non-Touch Water Cooler

Each of these well-designed, innovative machines offer a host of operational safety conscfious features, all while dispensing a high volume of chilled or cool refreshing drinking water on demand.

These AquAid Non-Touch water dispensers offer a host of features including a non-contact dispense point; large bottle clearance height; ‘Freshield’ anti-microbial components and electricity free function.

Thanks to their durable design, low maintenance and running costs, these Mains-Fed Water dispensers are perfect for installation in any sector where there is a high demand for drinking water.

For your convenience as an AquAid customer, the resources of our National Benefits are at your disposal.

You also benefit from AquAid’s two decades of expertise in other aspects. Installing our water coolers means you are helping far-flung communities in need realise a better and safer water future. All at no added cost to your organisation.

We invite you to browse our range of non-touch water dispensers or to contact us directly for expert advice.