I know, I know, I know. I do carry on (and on and on) about how very crucial water is, and I blog about it from every conceivable and (some rather inconceivable) perspectives, but the fact is – it is.

Putting this all into perspective:

Apparently a water pipe burst near my hoos the other day. Turned on the tap to wash the dishes and all I got was this rather impressive gurgling and rather scary pipe rattling. Then, my tap turned into a Spitting Cobra of brown muck. Then, nothing. It was the weekend.  None of the neighbours had water either. So;

  • no water to drink;
  • no water to make a cuppa (which was my next task after doing the dishes);
  • no water to wash my hands (bit of a clean hands phobic, me);
  • no flushing the loo;
  • no water to shower with, which meant I grunged my way into work on Monday (don’t imagine it, it was pretty awful);
  • no water to give to the animals; never mind considering watering the plants. Just NO WATER.

Of course, for me as a town dweller, worst case scenario was that I hoof it off to a friend or the shops and buy bottled water.  Except, then of course, the rather Scottish part of me had an internal whinge about using bottled water to wash my face with – wastage – perish the thought!  Also, with it being rather warm down our way at present, I started getting a little precious and thinking about how thirsty I was. I made up scenarios in my head of me classic desert-scene-leopard-crawling down the street, gasping, ‘Water …. waterrr … waterrrrrr!’ then my head lowering , as I sagged into helplessness – fade out. Eventually, I got over myself and realised the impact of having no water had on me, and then it really struck home.

If that was just me without water for a few hours, try, if you can, to imagine what it is like to not only not have water on tap, but no water anywhere near you, for days. I think, then one begins to realise the importance of water from a very different perspective:

  • How by you, dear, dear Customer, purchasing your water coolers translating into money meaning that we are able to donate towards charities like The Africa Trust that build life-saving Elephant Pumps;
  • Meaning that people’s lives are literally saved and;
  • How these contributions can honest to goodness make the difference between life and death and a future filled with that most precious of necessities – hope.

After this little brain-stretching exercise, I truly am going to be a lot less whiny about having no water and how ‘badly’ it affected me.

Perspective – she’s a bit of a meany.