With World Environment Day coming up and a theme of #OnlyOneEarth, here at AquAid we thought it pertinent to highlight the systems we have in place which help make sure we reduce our impact on the environment, while we continue to supply a wide range of high-quality water dispensers and bottled-at-source and spring water to our customers across the UK.

Kinder to the environment

By using a water cooler dispenser, you help protect our environment. We use billions of individual plastic water bottles each year and millions end up in our rubbish each day. By drinking water from a re-usable water bottle and refilling our water bottles from a water cooler, we significantly reduce this number. This means that you can still enjoy the convenience of having water with you at all times and be safe in the knowledge that you are reducing the harmful impact on the environment.

More branches local to you

With 23 branches positioned across the UK, our multiple distribution centres allow us to be nearer to our customers – shorter delivery distances reduce fuel usage and associated carbon emissions.

Water from source

Our three sources of mineral and spring water, one each in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, were all selected in large part due their central locations, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with the deliveries to our depots.

Creates opportunity and hope

At AquAid, an integral component of our business is helping those in need. This core belief is illustrated in each installation of our Mainsfed Water Coolers and each purchase of Bottled Water. We donate a portion of these revenues to charities that implement safe, sustainable water resources throughout Africa.

Whatever your water cooler requirements, AquAid have over twenty three years of experience in the provision of the right water cooler for your work space – wherever you’re situated and whatever space you occupy throughout England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.