Instant Taps are Essential this Summer

Instant Taps are Essential this Summer

We’ve had a very hot summer so far, and while we’re all familiar with the ‘drink eight glasses of water a day’ guide, there are times when this intake is not sufficient for our bodies and we need to head to our water coolers or instant taps more frequently to  increase the amount of water we drink. Here are four instances where the average advice of 8-a-day is not enough and we should make drinking water more of a priority.

  1. Environment

Along with changes in climate come changes in bodily function and water requirements. In summer, hot weather increases our rate of perspiration while in the cooler winter months, indoor heating causes our skin to lose more moisture. Changes in altitude also affect our system which means we need to replenish our fluid reserves accordingly.

  1. Exercise

When we exercise we perspire and we need to drink more water to compensate for that loss of fluid. If you choose to work out during your lunch hour or just after work, be sure to fill up your water bottle at the water coolers or instant taps in your breakout area before you leave – drinking water throughout your work-out will ensure you stave off dehydration and perform better.

  1. Illness

Fluid loss is unavoidable with certain illnesses particularly fever, vomiting or diarrhea so it’s essential that we up our intake of drinking water during this time – it’s also a good thing to remember if you’re suffering from a headache, very often it’s a sign of dehydration and not a sign of something more serious so it’s always good to drink a glass of water first before assuming the worst.

  1. Pregnancy or breast-feeding

They say that a pregnant body at rest works harder than a non-pregnant body climbing a mountain, which explains why all forms of fuel (whether it be food, rest or water) should be increased to compensate for the extra energy expended, and this applies to nursing mothers as well – it’s suggested that pregnant women drink around 10 cups a day and breastfeeding mothers around 13 cups.

If you’re wanting to supplement your water sources at the office, remember that AquAid have a full range of bottled and mains fed water coolers to choose from, along with a choice of very popular instant taps – sleek, efficient and cost-effective alternatives to other water points in your breakout area.

The Benefits of Instant Hot Water Taps

The Benefits of Instant Hot Water Taps

Instant Taps are growing in popularity and there’s been an increase in demand particularly in office breakout areas and at hotels and conferencing venues where sleek and stylish water-point alternatives are preferred. If you’re in the process of refurbishing or considering making any changes to your current refreshment area, consider the benefits and convenience of these aesthetically pleasing taps.

Versatile & Flexible

Instant Taps are versatile enough to cater for whatever your water needs may be. The AquAid Instant Tap can dispense boiling and ambient water at the touch of a button – it is adaptable to include a chilling system as well, which means that all your water needs can be met in one elegant solution. Alternatively if chilled water is your only requirement, the AquAid Chill Tap can dispense cold water at your preferred temperature. Flexible installation options allow Instant Taps to be fitted with a drain-away tray mounted into a countertop away from the sink, or they can be fitted on the edge of the sink or draining board itself.

Sleek & Compact

Beautifully designed, Instant Taps provide a sleek and stylish alternative to traditional water dispensers and boilers. Perfect for boardrooms, conferencing and refreshment stations, their versatility in terms of being able to dispense boiling, ambient and chilled water all from one tap also means they take up far less space than their traditional counterparts. Sunk into the countertop with the water boiler and/or chilling unit discreetly hidden underneath the worktop, they are compact and space-saving, allowing seamless integration into your office kitchen or breakout area.

Efficient & Cost-Effective

The main advantage of Instant Taps is in the name – it’s instant. The fact that there’s instantly-ready and limitless boiling or chilled filtered water at the ready is hugely convenient, and it saves a great deal of time too. Waiting for a kettle to boil is no longer necessary; everyone can enjoy their drink of choice at the touch of a button, making Instant Taps one of the most efficient additions to any refreshment area. And because hot water taps use less water – typically people fill a kettle with more water than they need – it’s a resource and energy-efficient option too, saving you both time and money.

Versatile and flexible; sleek and compact; efficient and cost-effective – all compelling reasons to install the AquAid Instant Tap or AquAid Chill Tap. Rest assured that whatever your water needs may be, we’ll help find the best solution for your office or organisation.