There’s no doubt the day can instil an equal amount of horror and dread in many, so for Valentine’s this year, we have come up with an (almost) fool-proof plan that will not only be kind to your pocket but will also make your intended view you in a more rosy coloured light.

What is this trickery you may well ask? What cunning plan is percolating at AquAid?

As with most successful concepts, the trick(ery) is in the simplicity. So, without further ado we present our ‘How to (almost) guarantee a good reaction from your intended romantic target’:

Drink water more.

Before you leave the page in disbelief, allow us to elaborate:

Your skin is an organ. As with all your body’s organs, in order to function at its best, your skin requires water.

Reduce puffiness. Our skin will swell most often because of water retention, usually due to dehydration, where the body retains water to protect itself. Unless you’re aiming for the sympathy vote, puffy does not equate to attractive.

Dry, itchy, flaky skin can indicate a lack of hydration.  It’s always good practise to keep our skin washed and clean, but without feeding our skin internally by drinking enough water, it is unlikely that the skin’s appearance will improve.

Reduces sagging skin and wrinkles.  Drinking more water helps tighten your skin, as it provides more elasticity and the ability to bounce back from sagging.

Conclusion: when you hydrate properly, your skin plumps up and becomes smoother and brighter.

The final bonus to this amazing plan is how easy it is to action, especially if you have an AquAid Water Cooler installed at your work place.

Include a visit to your water cooler station when you are taking that much needed break.

Replenish your drinking water often.

If straight H2O is a little too much to contemplate, not to worry – your AquAid hot water dispenser will keep you filled to the brim with whatever hot water drink you might fancy.

In addition, in no time at all, you will be smooth skinned, clear-eyed and bursting with good energy – just in time for your intended to take note of how truly gorgeous you are!