You may be aware that AquAid has, since their inception some 21 years ago, donated in excess of £14 million to charity. This extraordinary achievement is due to their commitment to ensure that, since their first day of operations, a portion of their sales is donated to charity.

Charities where the principle focus is the implementation of sustainable water projects across the globe and from AquAid’s perspective, specifically throughout Africa, where a large percentage of the world’s poorest people reside.

What you may not be aware of is that for every bottle of water purchased and for each Mains Fed Water Cooler installed, a donation is made to the charities that AquAid has supported since 1998.

The charities AquAid support:

Christian Aid – AquAid have to date donated over £3 million to this charity, resulting in sustainable water projects throughout Africa aiding more than 338,000 people.

The Africa Trust – AquAid began this charity in 2010: 19 years later, over £6 million in donations has meant more than 1.2 million people have gained access to clean drinking water through the implementation of sustainable water projects such as the Elephant Pump.

What can you do?

If you’re considering installing a water cooler, we recommend AquAid. Not only will your organisation benefit by having constant access to refreshing drinking water readily available, but for each sip you take, you’ll be making a positive change in other’s lives by enabling their access to clean drinking water.

The possibilities are truly endless. Contact AquAid today.