With so many of us working remotely and our usual workplace habits out the window, it’s no surprise that we may have adopted somewhat unhealthy practises, which are now adversely affecting our health and well-being.

From not eating regularly, snacking when hungry to not taking water cooler breaks; it’s easy for healthy habits to fall by the wayside.

But how do we return to these structured good habits? It’s actually easier than we think.

Begin the day right

As we may no longer be commuting to the office or workplace, we still have that time at our disposal. Time enough to drink a glass of water before or after showering, to eat breakfast and even to prep lunch.

Define a workspace

Space can be a problem when working remotely, especially if you share space with others – be that family or housemates. To be productive in such an environment, it’s important to create an office space that is separate from your home life – even if your office consists of a cleared table or room corner. A designated workspace helps provide a mental and physical trigger that it’s time to leave home and ‘go to’ work.

Swap sitting for moving

Whereas you might not be heading to your office water cooler station to replenish your drinking water, it’s still important to maintain hydration. Even if you have bottled water on your desktop, train yourself to get up, walk around – a water cooler break of your own creation.

Remain social

Isolation can become more attractive the longer you’re at it. The inclination to become Howie or Hetta the Hermit can be overwhelming, but don’t give in to it. Whether it’s allocating time to think tank with colleagues or ‘meet’ and catch up with friends or family, make it happen.

Be negative to stay positive

Implementing boundaries can be hard, but they are doable. Learn to say ‘no’ to well-meaning friends, family or even colleagues who feel that as you’re not in a defined workspace or office, you are readily available. Ignore the temptation to drift over to social media or other online distractions. Rather have a drink of water – maintaining hydration counteracts a loss of focus and helps us concentrate.