Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved trees. Even more fascinating to me is bark. I’m not referring to the sound a doglet makes; I’m referring to the ‘skin’ of a tree. Bark, to me = beautiful.

Specifically, I loved birch trees. We had a large, undeveloped piece of land as part of our property and some sort of water spring that oozed up in one particular area. Around this spring, there was a thicket of birch trees. Having a vivid imagination, I used to explore this thicket and imagine that I was in some secret, magical, silvered faerie forest.

I suppose it was there that I first saw the very real connection between water = life in that it was only in this particular spot that the birches grew.

Imagination aside though, trees sustain us in myriad of practical ways. Essentially, no trees, no life. It rather behoves us, then, to ensure that these masters of nature are protected and nurtured for all future.

If you think about it, trees have, for millennia, sustained us. Clothed us, housed us, and provided fuel, oxygen and food – pretty amazing!

The symbiosis between trees and water is also quite incredible. Although medium to larger trees can drink a lot of water (sometimes upwards of 400 litres per tree, per day), the reward that the trees give back is tenfold of the water it needs to flourish.  Trees trap more of the sun’s energy than any other group of organisms on earth – they are in essence big batteries – the largest on earth. Only 0.1% of the sun’s energy is trapped by organisms – trees account for 50% of all energy trapped by organism.

I’ve been holding impromptu meetings at the water cooler at the office (translation: me ambushing people innocently coming to replenish their water), trying to see if I can drum up some support for bringing in Bonsai Trees for everyone (trees produce far more oxygen than we give them credit for).  Of course, larger trees would produce far more oxygen, but that idea was vetoed right sharply. I’ve also been told in no uncertain terms by busybody Mrs Fitzsimmons, that should any plant life be bought into the office, I’m not allowed to use the water from the water cooler to water the trees.

Such a killjoy.