Is your water cooler environmentally friendly? Can you save lives by simply drinking water?

When a child is born, roughly 80% of their body weight is water, whereas the average adult has 70% of his body mass made up from water. Our fantastic planet’s surface is roughly 75% water, but the water available to humans for consumption is less than 0.03% of that.

These statistics should be reason enough for the value of water, and the way the world handles this resource to cause us to protect this resource better. The reality is far more shocking. The worst abusers of our available water resources are humans in first world countries. The average American will use and waster around 500L of water every day, where the average African has less than 5L a day to use for cooking, cleaning and bathing.

More people in Africa die from water born diseases than from any other reason, or even wars. The simple act of washing your hands can reduce the chance of getting diarrhea by around 35%.

As little as one pound a day can assist a single child in Africa to have access to water for an entire year. That is the reason why at AquAid we support The African Trust, and our commitment to aiding the continent in reducing and alleviating poverty. Over the last few years, we have provided over 6 million pounds, from the sale of our products to assisting this project.  We donate a portion of every water cooler and other products that we sell to The African Trust, and for every person that follows our Twitter and Facebook groups, we will give an additional Pound to the fund.

No matter what your water cooler needs might be we are able to install and supply a unit that will suit your individual and specific needs. Our AquAid water coolers are perfect for home and office use, and they will give you clean and healthy water on demand.