Spring can be a very iffy season in the UK.  It can seem as if you need to leave the house dressed like you’re off on your hols in Antigua, Barbados, Finland or Thailand (all at the same time) but as the temperature begins to rise, you may also still be unsure whether your daily water consumption needs to stay the same as in winter, increase or decrease.

As we chatted about in a previous blog, dehydration can be tricky to identify when it’s cold and we’re bundled up.

But what about when it’s warmer? Should you change your hydration habits?

The simplest way to establish adequate hydration for each individual is to refer to a good drinking water chart (you’ll find one here) but what we may forget is that there are usually other factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as:

How do you travel to work? Walk, commute using public transport, drive yourself, cycle?

Working environment: do you work outside, indoors, how much you exert yourself daily?

Aside from the above, what level of exercise do you attain daily or weekly outside of work?

And of course, what’s the weather like? When it’s cooler, we tend to bundle up and if we’re in a climate controlled work environment, we may default on regular visits to the water cooler to replenish our water.  When we’re busy, neglecting your water intake is easily done.

There’s also a tendency (understandably) to shed outer layers when the temperatures begin to rise, but as we still feel cool and aren’t perspiring too excessively, we may not feel the need to up our daily water intake just yet.

It’s precisely when we’re going through a change of season that we should pay careful attention to our hydration habits and adjust them accordingly.

One of the simplest ways to ensure appropriate hydration daily, irrespective of the season, is to install a water cooler at your premises.  To do this, speak to us at AquAid, we’ll be happy to assist.