It’s summer. It’s holiday time. However, for those of us left to sweat it out in the office – cramps, headaches, sore muscles and wish-I-was-on-holiday blues are at an all-time high.

Here are a few tips to keep you moving and grooving and in tip-top work able shape:

Relax those shoulders. Office workers, teachers prepping lessons, site work cost efficiency forecasts – we’ve all been there. Glued to your chair, deadlines looming, shoulders tensed, making you look more like of close relation of Gru’s than you care to think. Solution? Check your body posture every twenty minutes or so. If you’ve hunched over, simply relax your shoulders. Repeat until you learn to automatically check your desk posture while seated.

Stretch out the kinks. The simplest stretches can help reduce aches, stiffness and tension, decrease muscle spasm. The benefit is stretching can be performed while seated or standing, although standing will have a more overall body benefit.

Walk! As simple as that. Stand up, stretch out and perambulate around your work place. The ideal keep fit combo is walking to replenish your water bottle or water glass at your water cooler station.

Add water to all the above.  Make sure that you drink water throughout the day and after every relaxation technique and stretch.

Remember though, whether your office / workplace is icier than the Northern Sea because of the aircon. working more overtime than you do or its au naturel baking hot, both mean you can dehydrate quickly, so make sure that you increase your water intake to stave off dehydration and compensate the amount of energy expended while exercising.

Don’t have a water cooler? There is an easy solution. Contact AquAid’s experienced and professional in-house agents. We offer a free on-site survey to assess your water dispenser requirements and whether you are best served installing bottled or mainsfed water coolers.