AquAid have a new kid on the block. It’s very stylinnnnng. Its debuts just in time for the colder climes approaching the U.K. at warp speed Mr Sulu. Before I wax lyrical about how styling this little marvel is, here’s the nitty gritty tech spec. stuff:

What is its name? It is called The AquAid Instant Boiler

Features and Options

  • Upmarket, stainless steel design
  • Dispense point on worktop, boiler hidden underneath
  • Electronically controlled for constant temperature of 95 degrees
  • Mains fed
  • Rapid draw off 7 litres
  • Minimum hourly output 28 litres
  • Minimal steam escape
  • Early warning intelligent diagnostics with LCD display

Now you may be thinking that by me expounding all the wonderful attributes of this nifty 7ℓ stainless steel boiler, this means I’m so bedazzled by its sleek design and efficient lines that I am automatically denigrating our other water boilers. I’m not. Truly.

It’s just that we believe in a place for everything and everything in its place. Which translated to efficient speak means we have a variety of water boilers with capacities ranging from 3 through to 12.5 , so the 7 wedges in there capacity wise rather neatly.

I rather like the stainless steel design too – very Bauhaus / Danish modern / à la mode at present. I think.

Also note the ‘minimal steam escape’ feature. This means that when the AquAid Instant is at its constant percolating temperature of 95C°, which is just so warm and toasty, you won’t have great gobs of sweaty-making steam blorting out at you – which is especially welcome when you’re dispensing your 10th cuppa of the day.

Drink up, keep hydrated, and have a coffee, tea, or ………… hot drink of your choice on AquAid why don’t you.