I often wonder who it was who first came along and thought – ‘hmmm, water in a large bottle waters many people, no large bottle, less people watered’?

So, I investigated a little and this is apparently the case:

Can’t be pinpointed, but apparently, a form of plastic was discovered by Leonardo DaVinci during the Renaissance,  however plastic did not become widely used commercially for water until the mid-20th century. This was due to the high cost of manufacturing the material. Once high-density polyethylene was introduced, plastic become the preferred choice starting in the late 1960s.

Prior to this, mineral water from San Pellegrino in Italy has been drawn and produced since 1395! Evian’s roots began in 1826. A local French doctor began the Perrier Company in 1898, and the water used in the bottles is pulled from a Roman spa called Les Bouillens. All of these were bottled in glass (and some still are) prior to the 1960’s.

This was all very interesting, but then my hamster hopping mind started thinking about the rather bizarre concept of shipping water from continent to continent. Rather funny that. Taking water (many, many millions of litres) across the water to another place where there already is water. Bottled water in the bilges where there already is water – okay – bilge water isn’t drinkable, but you get the idea.

Next I thought about water flying. Bottles of water being flown from many destinations to many other destinations. Slightly changes one of my favourite axioms, “Have ___ , will travel’, to ‘Have water, does travel!’

And here we are today, clean, fresh drinking water on tap and at a button press.  At AquAid, our water is sourced locally; then it’s bottled and hey nonny no, it zooms off to you.

Hang about, let’s back up a little bit. Firstly, what are we zooming to you? Five litre bottles, 19 litre bottles?

Have a peek at our bottled water coolers whether it’s a desktop water cooler or a free-standing water cooler (don’t worry, they’re free standing, not free-range, they don’t roam), and decide what will best support your water supply requirements.

If you’re not sure, let us know – we will be more than happy to guide you in the correct choice. We have, after all, have been supplying water coolers throughout the U.K. for the last 15 years, so we sorta know our stuff (says she buffing her nails against her jacket lapel).