Did you know that by taking a 5 minute break and drinking a cup of water will refresh you almost immediately?

So head on over to the water cooler for a cool drink of spring water to kick start your energy levels and get you back into super productivity mode.

It also gives your brain a break to chat about something other than work, so while you’re there, have a quick catch up with your colleagues.

The bottom line when it comes to office water cooler etiquette is to keep your chatter cheerful. Talking with one another is a great way to build relationships and promote teamwork. Sharing can be a wonderful asset to your work environment, you just need to keep in mind what you should and should not share at office water coolers.

Do share positive stories about your family and friends. Doing so gives your colleagues insight into who you are.

Do not share your personal problems at work. There are plenty of problems to contend with in the workplace. Sharing your personal problems with your colleagues indicates a familiarity level that the majority of colleagues are uncomfortable with.

Do talk about the interesting aspects of your most recent holiday. If you travelled to an exotic location or remained home to explore your local area, your colleagues will enjoy hearing about what you have done.

Do not share how much you have to make or your salary, this is unprofessional.

Do talk about the fantastic meal that you had at the new Italian restaurant in town.

Do not talk about the four bottles of wine that you drank with your lasagne.

Do discuss a colleague’s promotion, new baby, or other positive news. Just make sure that you have permission from the individual you are speaking about.

Do not discuss a colleague’s personal problems.

Do talk about your latest outdoor adventure. Sharing your hobbies and interests is a great way for colleagues to find out who you are away from the office.