Aside from everything else that has occurred over the last two years, possibly one of the biggest changes was the advent of working from home, which brought with it Zoom meetings, Zoom meeting attire – pyjamas on the bottom, work shirt on top. These factors however seemed to snowball into creating a rather sedentary work creature – one of living in sleepwear morning until evening and sadly with that, a serious reduction in exercise or keep fit routines.

All very understandable of course, however, although our daily routines have forever changed, heading back into the office has become the norm for many of us. As has ditching our leisure wear and making a determined effort to dress for work.

The good news is even if you were an exercise powerhouse in the privacy of your home; you are still able to maintain a decent level of fitness while at the office.

If you look online, there are more office exercises than one can extend a desk donkey kick at, but the set from the NHS seems very sensible (and achievable). In part due to their suggestion to:

‘Wear loose, comfortable clothing and keep some water handy.’

We say as much as we know how easy it is to let workplace routines fall aside when you’re not in your usual workspace. Like taking regular breaks.  Stepping away from your desk.  Refilling your water jug or replenishing your water bottle at the office water cooler.

Taking breaks and exercising (even during working hours) are important, however, maintaining good hydration habits, by drinking water regularly, is vital to your well-being and ability to work smarter and not necessarily harder.

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