How do you know which water cooler is right for you?

At first glance, this does seem rather like a tacky romance type quote assigning such human importance to the relationship between you and the water giver. If we look a later deeper however, you will find that establishing which water cooler is the right fit is extremely important for a number of reasons.

This week we’re introducing you to one of the big boys – the mains fed water coolers.

High Capacity Point of Use (POU) Water Coolers

If you employ a large number of staff or ru­n point of use water coolers in schools, you may find that your coolers are frequently running out of cold water.  AquAid’s high capacity point of use water cooler, plumbed into your mains supply, uses a special 11 litre cold water reservoir, almost 4 times larger than other plumbed in systems.

This extra-large reservoir, completely unique to AquAid, has been specially designed for point of use water dispensers that serve a large number of people. These high capacity water coolers mean you’ll not only avoid storing large numbers of water bottles, you can make sure your point of use water dispenser never run out again.


  1) Available as either Hot and Cold or Cold and Room Temperature
  2) High quality stainless steel tank
  3) Adjustable ther­mostat for accurate temperature control
  4) Noiseless circuit in compact design
  5) Function indicating LED lamps
  6) 11ℓ cold water reservoir
  7) 3.0ℓ hot water reservoir
  8) Also has UV option
  9) Can be installed in no time
  10) Perfect for high traffic areas where a large quantity of water is consumed on a daily basis
  11) Filters and cleans your tap water to ensure that is safe and at the same time it can cool or heat the water for you 

So there you have it, introduction made. Any other questions, just ask. We’ll be delighted to assist. Because we’re cool (hyuk) like that.