I was galloping around the internet (translation: pulling up pages every 5.8 seconds as opposed to my regular speed of 20.3 seconds) when I came across a site about dams. Dams, you ask? As in the females in the animal world?

No, not those dams, dam dams (ahahaha) you know, large, usually man made reservoirs of water that usually keep cities and towns in water.

This water wonder (pictured above) is the:

 Contra Dam

Location: Ticino, Switzerland

Height: 220m

Length: 380m

Impounds (water source): Verzasca River

The surface area of the dam is 44,500 m2

This magnificent venue was used in the 1995 James Bond film, Golden Eye, where 007 jumps from the top. Do you remember that? I certainly do. My dad was an avid movie goer and 007 topped the list of must go sees.

Anyhow, I digress. Back to the main event.

Dams are pretty incredible if one thinks about it and pretty daunting from another perspective – all that water held back by tons of concrete and some pretty nifty engineering. Don’t judge, but it’s always been a bit of a bother to me that concrete is so porous and you mix it with water and then…. it becomes solid. When it meets water again, why doesn’t it crumble or return to its sludgy state? Never been able to figure that one out.

The water from AquAid doesn’t come from this dam though. It would be nice to think that it did (all that glacier run-off) but it doesn’t. Have to keep the carbon footprint in mind ye know.

That said, our water’s nothing to sneeze about – all sourced from three different locations around the UK.

Our water coolers (if you’re using our bottle fed that is) are then kept supplied with said delicious drinking water to keep you and team well watered and bright eyed and bushy tailed.

(I won’t be standing at the base of any dam though, that whole concrete thing still freaks me out).