Numerous studies have shown that children need to maintain good hydration throughout their day – it is a crucial component to their being able to better pay attention, retain information, as well as contributing to their overall well-being while at school.

As an employer in any educational facility, you can help by making sure that drinking water is not only available to the children but also your entire staff contingent.

A hydrated child is a much happier child. Yet another reason for all schools in the UK to ensure drinking water is easily accessible and readily available.

As one of the largest water cooler suppliers to pre-schools, schools, academies, colleges and universities throughout the UK, AquAid offer a wide range of top-quality water dispensers specifically designed to meet the small, medium or large capacity requirements of any educational facility.

Choose from our range of Mains-Fed water coolers for large schools where the water consumption is high or, from our Bottle-Fed range for schools where a water mains isn’t readily available.

When AquAid install any water dispenser in a school, these added benefits, all of which contribute towards a more holistic approach to hydration, are included:

  • Installation in a location of your choice by WHA qualified and enhanced DBS checked engineers.
  • Full maintenance, including emergency call-outs in the event of a breakdown.
  • The supply of 100 free, individual water bottles to encourage the children to fill their water bottles throughout the day, plus 2 posters showing the benefits of hydration, suitable for the age group of the students.
  • Automatic charitable donations resulting in the implementation of clean water resources for children in Africa.