How many of us take the water coming out of our taps or water coolers for granted? It is always there and if it would one day stop, what would we do? Fortunately we all live in a first world country where water is a resource readily available to everyone, just about anywhere.

But not everyone is that fortunate. Most African countries have a serious water problem in that they either do not have it, or they have it and cannot use it. Fortunately for those people in need, one British water supplier is making a massive difference to their lives. AquAid is one of the leading water cooler supply companies in the UK and they have committed themselves to assist in reducing and eliminating the water crisis in struggling African countries.

They achieve their goals by sharing a large section of their water cooler sales with certain trusts and charitable organisations. For every water cooler they install in your home, office or business area, a portion of the sale is donated to either the African Trust or to Christian Aid.

The biggest cause of death for Africa children is not war or even famine, it is dehydration. The two biggest causes of dehydration in children and adults in Africa is either not having the required amount of water, or the water that they drink is dirty and not suited for consumption. The dirty water leads to diarrhea and that in turn leads to rapid dehydration and in many cases, death.

So far in 2012, AquAid donated £542,000 to The Africa Trust and £70,000 to the Christian Aid groups respectably. The money is used to create safe drinking areas for children and parents and their efforts have saved thousands of lives in the last few years.


Can you honestly state that the water cooler in your office is doing something positive every time someone has a drink of clean, cool and fresh water?  If you have a water cooler or water dispensing system from AquAid, then you are not just getting great service and value for money, but you are also doing a small, but significant, part in assisting the less fortunate in surviving each day.