As you may well know, an integral part of AquAid’s professional ethos has always been to work smart; be kind to our environment (from whence we draw our sustenance in so many ways) and be charitable with a knock-on effect by involving ourselves in sustainable projects globally, choosing projects that allow people to empower and help themselves long after water pumps have been installed and wells built.

Purchases of AquAid’s range of water coolers, water boilers, in cup drinks and water fountains has generated donations for January 2013 as follows:

£6,735 to Christian Aid


£50,492 to The Africa Trust

In 2012, a total of £88,600 was donated to Christian Aid and £688,000 to The Africa Trust.

The Africa Trust works to bring sustainable solutions to poverty in Africa. This includes establishing sustainable supplies of clean productive water and decent sanitation. Income generating projects are used to pay school fees, improve clinics and generate the funds needed to run orphanages.

Wealth creation is an important objective, with business skills training helping school leavers and villagers to start or expand profitable businesses. One of the innovative new projects is growing bananas to pay for school fees. The banana plantation can only be established once an Elephant Pump or piped water plus a fenced area, have been installed at the school.

More information about the banana growing and other sustainable projects can be found here, paying for school fees with bananas!

We are looking forward to a wonderfully successful 2013 and of course, our previous, current and future successes with our charitable contributions are all because of the relationship we have with you, our valued client.